It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW World Championship – Texas Death Match: Hangman Page vs. Lance Archer
  • Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match: Isiah Kassidy vs. A Mystery Opponent
  • Tony Khan Has A Huge Announcement
  • Inner Circle Team Meeting
  • We Hear From MJF Following His Historic Win

JR welcomes us to the show promising a wild night. Wardlow makes his entrance down a Burberry carpet covering the entrance ramp. Wardlow is carrying carboard cut outs of MJF beating CM Punk. Wardlow has a word with Justin Roberts and Roberts introduces “The Living Legends” FTR, accompanied by Tully Blanchard, and they come out drinking champagne. Next out is the greatest acountabillibuddy, “The Chairman” Shawn Spears. Spears comes out holding a chair and also drinking champagne. Spears makes Roberts give a grandiose introduction to MJF. Then the man himself makes his entrance.

MJF is carried to the ring on a throne. Women in bikinis flank him, MJF makes out with one of them before entering the ring. MJF and the Pinnacle do a big group hug as confetti falls from the ceiling. MJF says last week he made it crystal clear that he is the best wrestler on the planet. He is better than the Best in the World. “Shut the fuck up” chants… MJF says after he beat CM Punk twice in Chicago, he decided to whisper in his ear, “You suck!” MJF thanks Shawn Spears for helping him to beat CM Punk, but not Wardlow. Spears says he got MJF a gift, its a new MJF shirt. MJF says he is here to make a statement. Its time he becomes AEW World Champion.


CM Punk walks out onto the stage! Tony Schiavone gets up to interview him. Punk says his win last week was a subject as his spray tan. Punk says today he has some friends… Darby Allin and Sting come out the entrance tunnel. Punk says he’ll get what he wants, a rematch! But he isn’t talking to MJF, he’s talking to Wardlow. Nobody in the ring would win anything if it wasn’t for Wardlow. Wardlow needs to grow some balls and leave the Pinnacle. MJF says Wardlow is his best friend. Dax says he wants a rematch. Punk says the three of them want a rematch and he wants his hands on little Max. MJF says he wont wrestling in this cesspool. MJF says if Punk beats FTR with any partner of his choosing he’ll give him his match, but he cant team with Sting or Darby. MJF says Wardlow has a match next.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is with Andrade, Sting and Darby. Andrade says he finally found them, everybody know Darby works for Sting. Sting says Darby is not a kid, he should speak to him mano a mano. Darby says he wont work for Andrade, he’ll become TNT Champion. Andrade says he will become the TNT Champion.

The Blade makes his entrance. Wardlow comes out next, Spears accompanies him to the ring.

Wardlow vs. The Blade

Blade attacks while Wardlow’s back is turned. Wardlow with a back elbow, Blade hits a kick to the gut, Wardlow hits a massive lariat. Wardlow hits a Belly to Belly suplex, then another Belly to Belly. A third Belly to Belly from Wardlow then Blade escapes the ring. Wardlow chases and drives Blade into the ring post.

Picture in Picture.

Blade hits chops to little affect. Wardlow rushes Blade to the corner and hits shoulder to the midsection. Blade with some big knee strikes, Wardlow catches Blade and hits a Powerbomb! The crowd chants “One More Time!” Wardlow hits another Powerbomb, then another, then another. Wardlow stands on Blade and gets the victory.

WINNER: Wardlow!

Spears attacks Blade with a chair.

Penta El Zero Meido video package.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance along with Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager. Jericho says he hasn’t seen Santana and Ortiz all day, but they soon make their entrance. Santana and Ortiz have new music. Jericho says they deserve their own spotlight, but it wasn’t cute when they didn’t tag him into their match. they embarrassed him, it was demeaning. They took away from the fans seeing Jericho wrestle. Why did they do it?

Santana says enough of the corny shit. Chris Jericho only cares about Chris Jericho. Everything has always been about Chris Jericho. They always have to come to his rescue whenever they get any spotlight. Santana says the days of them playing second fiddle are over, Jericho has stood in their way, but the fans kept them going. If it wasn’t for Ortiz he would have dropped Jericho a long time ago. Jericho says he reminds him of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Kingston has poisoned them against him but he is the Influencer of this company. Jericho has given them more spotlight any anybody else since they joined AEW. They lost to the Young Bucks, he brought them into the Inner Circle and he can kick them out.

Jericho says maybe he invited the wrong two member of LAX to join the Inner Circle, and asks Jake form Homicide and Hernandez phone number. Santana tries to attacks Jericho but is held back. Sammy Guevara says he loves them, they are his family. His goal is to become the greatest champion of all time. Sammy takes off his Inner Circle jacket and says he ahs quit the Inner Circle once and if they don’t sort this out, he will quit again. Sammy leaves.

Ortiz asks Jericho what’s next? Says Kingston is one of their brothers in arms. Next week Santana and Ortiz vs. Jericho and Hager and they settle this once and for all. Jericho says he didn’t want it to come down to this but accepts the challenge.

Tony Schiavone is with Trent Barretta and Rocky Romero. Young Bucks interrupt, they say they should fight ring now, Adam Cole attacks Trent and Romero from behind, they all hit the BTE Trigger and leave them laying… Switchblade Jay White walks in and throws Trent into the wall! Jay White nods at the Young Bucks and Cole then leaves!

Isiah Kassidy makes his entrance with Marq Quen and Matt Hardy.

Commercial Break.

Kassidy’s opponent is… Keith Lee! A huge reaction for Keith Lee.

Face of the Revolution Qualifying Match: Isiah Kassidy vs. Keith Lee

The crowd sing “Bask In His Glory” Kassidy gets in his face, Lee throws him all the way across the ring! Kassidy hits a forearm, Lee hits a huge crossbody! Lee blocks a right hand and hits a slingshot into a crossbody. Kassidy hits a dropkick, Lee hits a huge shoulder block, throwing Kassidy out of the ring. Matt Hardy leaves through the crowd, walking out on Private Party, Schiavone calls that erratic behaviour (Jeff Hardy reference).

Kassidy hits a corkscrew dive to the outside on Lee. Back in the ring, Kassidy hits some kicks but Lee swats him away. Lee throws Kassidy up into the air and hits a modified Powerslam. Lee covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Keith Lee!

Private Party attack Lee after the match. Kassidy tries to dive onto Lee but he catches him. Quen tries to dive onto Lee and he catches him too. Lee powerbombs Kassidy onto Quen, then powerbombs Quen onto the ring apron.

Thunder Rosa vs. Mercedes Martinez video package.

Sammy Guevara makes his entrance with flash cards.

Picture in Picture.

FTR make their entrance, accompanied by Tully Blanchard. CM Punk makes his entrance, his tag team partner is… Jon Moxley!

FTR vs CM Punk & Jon Moxley

Punk starts with Dax, lock up, Dax with a headlock takeover, Punk gets the leg scissors. Dax hits a shoulder block, then a hip toss. Punk hits a hip toss, Dax gets frustrated. Cash tags in, right hand to Punk, armbar, headlock, shoulder tackle, Punk hits a hip toss, then an armdrag. Cash retreats to the corner and tags Dax. The crowd chants “Moxley” and Punk tags him in.

Moxley gets a headlock, takedown, Dax tries the same thing, Dax with a shoulder tackle, then a bodyslam. Moxley with a kicks to the chest, Punk tags in. Punk with kicks in the corner, Cash distracts him and Dax takes the advantage and attacks the left leg. Cash tags in and continues the attack on the leg. FTR with double team attacks on the leg.

Dax tags in, chops in the corner, but misses a splash, Punk makes the tag to Moxley. Moxley runs wild on cash, big back body drop. then a suplex throw, German suplex to both FTR. Moxley hits a double DDT to both men. Punk hits a diving lariat, then splashes to the outside, then Moxley hits a Tope Suicida onto FTR!

Picture in Picture.

FTR have suplex Moxley through the timekeepers table, Moxley just gets back into the ring at 9! Cash continues the attack before tagging in Dax. Dax with stomps to Moxley, uppercut, tag back to Cash. double catapult into the bottom turnbuckle, Cash covers, 2 count. Dax with elbows to Moxley, cover, 2 count. Dax with a headlock, Moxley gets some shots then hits an atomic drop, Cash made the blind tag but Moxley hits a suplex on him.

Moxley goes for a tag but he is fighting off FTR. FTR hit Dax with a combination legdrop off the top rope, cover, 2 count. Dax misses an elbow drop, and Moxley hits a huge lariat! Moxley tags Punk and Punk runs wild. Punk with a clothesline, then a leg lariat, high knee in the corner, short arm clothesline, cover, 2 count. Dax hits a huge uppercut, Moxley and Punk hit the Doomsday Device! Moxley dives onto Cash on the outside, Pun covers Dax, 2 count.

Cash hits a Tornado DDT to Moxley on the floor! Punk with a rollup, Dax kicks out, Cash hits Punk with the ring bell, Dax hits a Brainbuster on Punk! Dax cover, 2 count! Dax with stiff uppercuts, Cash makes the tag, Punk fights him off, and goes for the GTS, FTR hit the Big Rig! They cover, Moxley breaks the count, “This is Awesome” chants.

All four men struggle to their feet. Right hands all round, FTR escape the GTS and Paradigm Shift, Moxley gets a Rear Naked Choke, Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, Cash taps but the ref is distracted. Tully Blanchard breaks the submission, CM Punk hits him with the GTS! Punk hits the GTS on Cash, Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Dax, Punk covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: CM Punk & Jon Moxley!

Commercial Break.

A.Q.A. makes her entrance for her AEW debut. She says she is 25 year old, she was trained by Booker T and she has beaten some of the best women wrestlers on the planet. She ahs come to AEW to test herself against the best. The TBS Champion, Jade Carghill makes her entrance, accompanied by “Smart” Mark Sterling.

TBS Championship: Jade Carghill vs. A.Q.A.

Lock up, Jade gets a headlock, then a big slam. Carghill with an arm wringer, A.Q.A. springs to her feet, then gets a hip toss into an armbar. Carghill powers out of an armbar and flexes, then slams A.Q.A. to the mat. A.Q.A. hits a dropkick off a springboard, Carghill hits a huge elbow strike.

Picture in Picture.

A.Q.A. with a big forearm, elbow strike, crossbody but Carghill doesn’t move, A.Q.A. hits a Slingblade! Carghill with a forearm, A.Q.A. hits a Tornado DDT, she goes to the top and hits a Shooting Star Press! A.Q.A. covers, 2 count! A.Q.A. climbs to the top again, Carghill gets up and pulls her down, Carghill catches a crossbody and hits a spinning slam, Carghill hits the Jaded, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” TBS Champion, Jade Carghill!

The Bucks and Cole are backstage, Matt says on Rampage they will face Trent and Romero. The tag titles are coming back to them. Cole say Jay White will have their back. Cole says they can trust him and they can trust Jay White.

Serena Deeb makes her entrance. She says it took her 3 minutes to defeat Skye Blue and there isn’t a women in the back on her level. Nobody in the back can go 5 minutes with her. She is issuing a 5 minute rookie challenge. Katie Arquette is already in the ring.

The Professor’s 5 Minute Rookie Challenge: Serena Deeb vs. Katie Arquette

Deeb beats down Arquette in the corner. Deeb hits a spinning neckbreaker, traps the arm, gets an armbar and Arquette taps out immediately!

WINNER: Serena Deeb!

Video package for Gunn Club vs Jurassic Express.

Commercial Break.

Justin Roberts introduces the Texas Death Match. Lance Archer music hits and we cut to Archer and Page brawling in the back! They brawl down the entrance tunnel and the bell rings.

AEW World Championship – Texas Death Match: Hangman Page vs. Lance Archer

Page hits Archer with the title and Page throws Archer throw a grass panel on the entrance way. Archer has been busted open and Page drags him into the ring. Page hits the Buckshot Lariat and Archer falls to the outside! The ref counts Archer out.

Page attacks Archer on the outside, Page goes for a suicide dive and Archer hits him with a trashcan lid. Dan Lambert runs down and unscrews the top turnbuckle! Jake the Snake Roberts also comes out as Archer throws Page into the crowd. They both brawl through the crowd, Archer goes for a chokeslam but Page steps up onto a wall and hits a moonsault! Back in the ring, Page goes for the Buckshot but cant because the top rope is gone.

Picture in Picture.

Archer and Page brawl on the apron above two tables. Page hits a high boot, then another high boot, Archer teeters over the tables, Archer hits a right hand then throws Page into the middle turnbuckle. Jake Roberts hits the Short Arm Clothesline in Page, he goes for the DDT but Archer stops him! Page hits the DDT on the floor as Archer is distracted.

Page with Kendo Stick shots to Archer, Page his busted open badly, more shots with the Kendo Stick, Archer catches the Kendo Stick and breaks it over his knee, Archer hits a Chokeslam through a Trashcan. Archer stabs at Page’s head with a fork then licks the bloodied fork…

Archer with a cannonball senton to the outside. Archer gets chairs from under the ring, then finds a barbed wire chair. Archer hits a big boot, then sets up the steels steps on the outside, Archer then hits the Blackout off the apron onto the steps!!! Back in the ring, Archer goes for a Powerbomb, but Page hits him with barbwire, then rolling elbows with the barbed wire, Page hits a German. Page hits the Buckshot to Archer through the tables on the outside after vaulting off the referee! Page gets up before the count of 10 but Archer does not!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Champion, Hangman Page!

Adam Cole comes out and picks up the AEW World Championship. Cole puts the belt on Hangman’s shoulder making his intentions known. Page stares at Cole as Dynamite goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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