Since the Shield broke up, Roman Reigns has come a long way. He was scheduled to appear as the main event at WrestleMania 36 in 2020, but he backed out and Roman’s decision to leave before WrestleMania 36 was a boon to his career. He returned the following year at SummerSlam, but he was no longer a babyface. That won’t stop his fans from loving The Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns has received numerous accolades for his work since then. Thanks to this great heel work, the Universal Champion is booed in any arena. In real life, Roman Reigns is a wonderful person, and he has a slew of young fans.

When Roman entered the ring at a house show recently, the entire arena erupted and began booing the champion. After the show, a fan took to Twitter to share a photo of a young girl crying because fans were booing Roman Reigns and chanting “Roman Sucks.”

The WWE Universal Championship is the most recent and prestigious world championship in the company’s history. This year, Roman Reigns broke the record for the longest reigning Universal Champion, surpassing Brock Lesnar’s reign of 503 days. The Tribal Chief has now been a champion for 526 days and appears to be holding on to the title for the foreseeable future.

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