Drew McIntyre made a surprising return at last weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble. McIntyre was heavily rumored to be entering into feud with Roman Reigns before an injury sidelined him. The WWE Universe has been wondering what happened to those plans.

McIntyre and Reigns are still planned for an eventual program. The original plan for the Royal Rumble was to have Brock Lesnar destroy everyone but have Drew put up a solid fight. That didn’t fully develop due to time constraints on the broadcast.

WWE is still planning to have the two face off later on down the line. Dave Meltzer discussed the feud in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It won’t be in the immediate future, but Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns will cross paths again.

“Drew McIntyre is very much in the plans for an opponent for Reigns at some point. Before his injury, there was talk of Reigns vs. McIntyre as Reigns’ program in the early part of the year in getting to Lesnar. And now that he’s back, perhaps that’s in Saudi Arabia, although it would be better served for later in the year.


The original plan for the Rumble was for Lesnar to destroy everyone except give something to McIntyre before beating him. Lesnar was going to do what he wanted but Lesnar put McIntyre over huge in 2020 in both angles and at Mania and did not have an issue with it. They did a face-off basically to call attention to their 2020 program, but had little time because the show had to be off the air at the four-hour mark because of PPV (which still exists) and some international commitments so they were very low on time”

Drew McIntyre was denied his big moment when he became champion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fans would love to see him get a main event run now that the arenas and stadiums are once again packed. We’ll see how it plays out, but it is coming at some point in the future.

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Michael Perry

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