MJF has become one of the top heels in AEW. Maxwell’s promos generate huge heat in every city the company stops in. Even his parents have been known to insult their own son.

When it was announced that AEW was holding their annual Dynamite: Beach Break event in Cleveland, Ohio, fans were puzzled. The average temperature in Cleveland in January is absolutely freezing. There are beaches on the shores of Lake Erie, but they’re not particularly inviting this time of year.

MJF took to Twitter to let air his grievance about the beaches of Cleveland. Always a bad guy, Friedman even misspelled the name of the city. The Dynamite Diamond Ring winner didn’t appear to care about the mistake.

“The beautiful beaches of…….Cleavland. Said literally no one, ever.

Oh I spelled it wrong? Well I guess I better dele….. oh wait! That’s right. I don’t give a sh*t.”

Fans from Cleveland swarmed MJF for insulting their city. Others made fun of the ridiculous fact that a beach-themed show was being held there in the middle of winter. MJF was looking for a reaction, and he got one.

It should be noted that Cleveland is the hometown of Wardlow. MJF and his fellow Pinnacle member have been teasing a split for a while now. We’ll see if anything happens as AEW visits Wardlow’s hometown.

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