MJF has been dealing with two major thorns in his side. CM Punk has been looking for fight with the three-time Dynamite Diamond Ring winner. MJF’s muscle, Wardlow, is also showing major signs of a fracturing loyalty. Maxwell has a lot on his plate right now.

Many fans are as interested in the ongoing build to a split between MJF and Wardlow as they are in Friedman’s escalating feud with the Second City Saint. Punk and MJF have exchanged words in the ring. Wardlow has been fuming beneath the surface over his mistreatment by Max.

The storylines were talked about on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave Meltzer speculated on the future of the storyline. A split between MJF and Wardlow has to come soon, he said.

“Maybe they’ll do the split having to do with that match somehow. Like, you know, Wardlow will cost MJF the match or something. Because Punk should win, but MJF always has an excuse when he loses, so maybe that’s when they do the split. They’re at the point with the split where they really need to… It’s been teased for two years. They probably are about ready to pull the trigger on that one.”


Wardlow has seen his name in the headlines a lot lately. A report came out that WWE was interested in signing him when his AEW contract was up. Wardlow himself said he thinks he might be an AEW lifer.

Time will tell if his feelings change based on the rest of his time in Tony Khan’s company. AEW plans to make Wardlow a major star. That push could start as soon as a split with MJF occurs.

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