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Tonight’s NXT will see the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic get underway. First round matches include MSK Vs. Jacket Time, Edris Enofe & Malik Blade Vs. Legado del Fantasma, The Creed Brothers Vs. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen, and Grizzled Young Veterans Vs. Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward, however we don’t know which matches will feature tonight.

Other matches tonight sees Walter face Rodering Strong as the Ring General moves to NXT full-time, and Elektra Lopez in action. Meanwhile Tony D’Angelo will host a memorial service after beating Pete Dunne in last week’s main event. Something tells us Dunne might be on hand to ruin proceedings.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s NXT. Our live coverage will begin from 8PM right here. Let us know if you’re excited about any of it and remember to hit the refresh link below and enjoy the show!

NXT 2.0

This week’s show opens with a red sports car arriving at the arena and LA Knight gets out. Knight stops by Andre Chase and his student and tells him to keep his eyes peeled because he’s about to see a teachable moment. Knight is on the hunt for Grayson Waller and he makes his way to the ring.

The fans chant for Knight and he’s loving it. He says he wants to get right to business and tells Grayson Waller to get his skinny a$$ out so he can finish what he started last week. Waller doesn’t appear and Knight says he figured as much, he’d have to turn his back for Waller to come out. Knight says “Grayson sucks” gets chanted every week and, as much as that annoys him, nothing puts more fear in Waller than LA Knight’s name.

Knight says Waller sabotaged him at Halloween Havoc, tried to stop him from reaching the arena, then he tried to take him out at WarGames but couldn’t get the job done. Then a few nights later Waller got mad because some fine little lady wanted a piece of Knight because she knew Waller couldn’t get the job done. Finally, Waller comes out to the stage holding an envelope. He has a restraining order for Knight.

Waller says he’d love to fight Knight after he cowardly attacked him last week, but his lawyers have advised him a restraining order is the best path forward for Knight’s safety. Waller gives the restraining order to Knight, who reads that he can’t come within fifty feet or he gets arrested. Waller mocks him and the fans chant “rip that $hit!” Knight says it’s fine because Waller doesn’t have a restraining order against this man…

Dexter Lumis’s music hits and Waller freaks out. Waller stares at the entrance and waits but Lumis comes out from under the ring behind him. Lumis crawls up and grabs him from behind but Waller slips away. He’s stuck between Knight and Lumis and LA tells him he can either get his ass kicked by Lumis, or drop the restraining order and take it from him. We’ll find out after the break.

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Grayson Waller Vs. Dexter Lumis

Back live and this match is already underway with Lumis slamming Waller’s head into turnbuckles. Waller swings a kick but gets caught and begs for mercy but Lumis clotheslines him. Waller catches Lumis with an arm-trap DDT, then runs Lumis shoulder-first into the ring post. Waller rips Lumis’s arm around the top rope and wrenches it.

Lumis starts to kick Waller a few times and catches him with a pop-up uppercut. Lumis hits a neckbreaker for a two-count. Waller hits a jawbreaker, then snaps Lumis’s arm over the rope. Waller sends Lumis to the outside and slides under the rope to clothesline him. Waller catches his breath on the floor as we head to the break.

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Back live and Lumis fight up from a submission and lands a series of punches on Waller. Dexter catches Waller with a back body drop, then deadlifts him up for a back suplex and kips-up into a leg drop for another two-count. Lumis hits The Silence and locks in the submission but Waller slides from the ring and Lumis clings on.

On the floor, Waller runs Lumis into the announce desk to break the submission and gets back in the ring. Waller distracts the referee, allowing an unknown – large – man to attack Lumis and sends him back into the ring. With Lumsi stunned, Waller hits a rolling Stunner through the ropes for the win!

Winner: Grayson Waller

During the weekend, Malcolm Bivens cut a promo bashing Walter but the General appeared, lifted him up and slammed him into some lockers. Roderick Strong appeared to save Bivens and told Walter he isn’t scared of him. That confrontation has led to those two having a match in our main event tonight.

Tonight marks the start of the annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. We see a video package hyping each team in the tournament, and the first match is up next!

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Legado del Fantasma and MSK argue backstage about which team will win the Dusty Cup.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Quarter Finals

The Creed Brothers Vs. Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

Jensen starts with Brutus and Creed tries to double leg him but he grabs the ropes. Brutus takes the back and holds Jensen down for a minute, then Brutus shoots for a takedown but Jensen catches him with a knee to the jaw. Brutus’s gumshield popped out and Jensen kicks it out of the ring. Jensen takes control of Brutus and tags Briggs so they can hit a double him-toss.

Julius tags in and eats a few right hands from Briggs, who then tags Jensen for a double team clothesline, then both slide out of the ring and punch Julius hanging on the ropes. Brutus blind-tags in and catches Jensen with a belly-to-belly over the ropes to the floor. Brutus brings him back inside and tags Julius so they can drill him with repeated knees to the ribs.

Julius stays on top and his a spinebuster, then tags Brutus and gutwrench suplexes him onto Jensen. Julius lands a few shots and beats Jensen against the ropes but he avoids a tackle and Julius catches his throat on the ropes. Brutus and Briggs tag in at the same time and Josh runs him over with punches, a big boot and catches Julius with a sidewalk slam.

Julius is knocked over the ropes and Brutus is hit with a chokeslam but Julius returns to break up the pin attempt. Jensen then knocks Julius from the ring and goes after him but Julius then runs him into the barricade. The Creed Brothers reunite in the ring to hit an incredible double-team slam and basement clothesline for the win!

Winners: The Creed Brothers

The Creed Brothers have progressed to the semi-final where they will face the winners of Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward Vs. Grizzled Young Veterans.

We see a video package for Danta Chen, who has been out injured for some time now. He returns to action after the break.

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Imperium is backstage and Walter congratulates Aichner and Barthel for waving the flag for Imperium while he was away. Walter says tonight is the night they start their mission. They have dominated the U.K, and tonight he destroys Roderick Strong to show that they will dominate all of WWE.

Dante Chen Vs. Guru Raaj

The match gets underway and Raaj leaps over Dante, then drops him with a dropkick and grabs a headlock. Chen fights up, misses a few clotheslines but sends Guru over the ropes to the floor and dives over the ropes onto him. He tries to lift him but before he can do so, Duke Hudson attacks him!

Winner Via Disqualification: Dante Chen

Hudson slams Raaj into the steel steps, hen beats Chen into the ring. Duke hits Chen with a powerbomb, then punches him wildly on the mat until referees come down and make him back off.

Joe Gacy and Harlnd are backstage and Gacy says he’s disappointed they can’t compete in the Dusty Cup, but times like these are good for growth and development. Odyssey Jones appears on crutches and says Gacy can’t possibly believe the crap he says. Gacy asks how he’s feeling and says he wouldn’t want o interfere with his rehab, then opens a door for him and Jones walks through. Gacy tells Harland that facing your adversity is a true measure of progress and walks off.

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Bron Breakker is interviewed backstage. He says being NXT Champion has been his goal since the day he arrived in NXT and he understands what that entails but he’s ready. Elektra Lopez walks up and starts talking but Breakker tells her to save it, he’s not interested in whatever she has to say. Santos Escobar says he should be, because NXT 2.0 is going to look a lot better with the NXT Championship around his waist. Bron tells Escobar to give him a reason to kick his ass right now. Santos tells him that things are done on his time, not Bron’s.

Tony D’Angelo is in the ring wihth a black coffin for Pete Dunne’s funeral. D’Angelo says Dunne was a pig-headed man who didn’t listen to anyone, so he taught him a lesson, the hard way. And just like his cousin told him, you have to take care of business however you can. And for the sake of everyone in the CWC, this will be a closed casket affair because nobody will want to see Petey’s body. Tony says he’s on to bigger and better things, more important things, and he’s ready for some gold.

D’Angelo has his eyes on the North American Championship and so out comes Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams on the platform above the crowd. Hayes says he’s happy for Tony but last week they had a memorial service for the Cruiserweight Championship. Tony says he Carmelo figured they were friends because of WarGames but they’re not pals, he’s got his boys and they’re on a need-to-know basis. Trick mocks him and says his boys look like Vic Joseph.

Hayes says Tony needs to keep his business out of his or the next memorial service will be for him. Cameron Grimes makes his way out to a big pop. Grimes says he told Hayes to his face, like a man, that he was coming for that North American Championship. Hayes says Grimes and D’Angelo can go one-on-one and the winner gets a shot. Grimes says that’s fine by him because he’s a 220lb rocket going straight to the moon. Tony runs at Grimes but he avoids him, grabs the memorial photo of Dunne and slams it over Tony’s head!

Briggs and Jensen are sitting backstage. They say it sucks losing but they can bounce back. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter appraoch them and say the four of them can go out and have a good time. Jensen is eager to go and suddenly we see Wendy Choo in her onesie on top of the lockers and she says Jensen likes Carter. He fumbles through his words ad makes a fool of himself.

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Yulisa Leon and Valentina Peroz are interviewed backstage and they’re very excited about competing in the Dusty Cup. Dakota Kai walks up and offers them some advice: nothing divides friendship more than success. They get mad at her and Kai threatens them and they agree to a match.

Kay Lee Ray Vs. Ivy Nile w/mALCOLM bIVENS

They lock-up and Ivy forces Ray backwards as the fans chant for her. Ray grabs the back but Nile elbows her and grabs a wristlock. Ray slings her off and chops the chest and dropkicks her. Nile fires back and stomps Ray on the mat, then hits a snapmare and applies a headscissors submission. Ray tries to roll out but Nile holds on, so Ray rolls again and does a handstand to get free.

Ray lands a few clotheslines and a front suplex for a two-count. Ivy hits a DDT with her legs for a near-fall. Bivens gives some advice to Nile so she lifts Ray up on her shoulders. Ray breaks free and superkicks her, then lifts her into the gory bomb position but Mandy Rose appears at ringside and Ray gets distracted. She lifts Nile again but Ivy rolls her up for the win!

Winner: Ivy Nile

Mandy rushes into the ring and attacks Ray and the two of them brawl around the ring. Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne come down to help Mandy but then Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta drag Mandy out of the ring before getting inside and tevening the odds for Ray. Toxic Attraction is sent from the ring and the two teams glare at each other.

The camera rushes nto the trainer’s room where Odyssey Jones is down on the ground with referees checking on him. Harland is standing with a bent crutch in hand, which he then throws aside and walks off with Gacy.

*Commercial Break*

Sarray is returning to NXT soon. She says she was lost and her first year in XNT did not go as planned, but she is coming with renewed passion.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Quarter Finals

Legado del Fantasma Vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

The match gets underway with Blade and Wilde, and Joaquin takes control and mocks him. Blade fires back and backs Wilde to the corner where he tags Enofe and hit a double team move. Enofe lands a standing moonsault for a two-count. Enofe grabs a headlock but Mendoza blind-tags in and they hit a double spinebuster, leg snap and dropkick for a two-count.

Mendoza backs Enofe into the corner adn chops his chest. Mendoza runs at him but Enofe avoids him and he hits the buckles. Enofe counters a back suplex and tags Blade, who comes in hot with dorpkicks and a heel kick to Mendoza. Santos Escobar blatantly trips Blade and the referee argues with him. Legado look to hit the high-and-low but Bron Breakker appears and grabs Escobar on his shoulder. Mendoza gets distracted and Blade rolls him up for the win!

Winners: Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Blade and Enofe have shockingly progressed to the semi-final where they will face either MSK or Jacket Time.

Malcolm Bivens is backstage with Roderick Strong and he says Diamond Mine is currently two-for-two tonight. Ivy Nile proved she can beat anyone, and the Creed Brothers are one step closer to the Dusty Cup. Next Roderick Strong will beat Walter, who claims the mat is sacred but the mat is not sacred, it’s a mere revenue generator.

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Solo Sikoa cuts a promo in which he says he’s never been hit with a fireball before but he doesn’t care. Boa likes to call on his power, well he’s not the only one who can draw from his past. Solo says his bloodline is long and powerful, then pulls a bandage offf his face to reveal a large burn around his right eye. He says he doesn’t care if the fight is in the ring, backstage, or in the streets, next week they go to war.

Dakota Kai Vs. Yulisa Leon W/Valentina Peroz

Kai takes control of the match early and beats Leon into the corner. Kai kicks her in the back back and chokes her with a boot. Kai whips her hard into the buckles, then hits a running face wash. Leon starts firing back with right hands but Kai drops her with a pump kick and she rolls out.

Kai goes outside and mocks Peroz, allowing Leon to hit her and send her back inside. Leon hits Kai with a few clotheslines, gutwrench suplx, then a fallaway slam into a bridging pin for a near-fall. Kai knocks Leon backwards and hits a bit boot in the corner for the win.

Winner: Dakota Kai

After the match Peroz comes in to check on Leon but Kai attacks her. She’s about to kick her in the face too but Leon drags her from the ring.

Raquel Gonzalez is interviewed backstage and asked what’s next. Raquel says she could complain about the fact that Mandy cheated and didn’t pin her but she’s big mommy cool and she doesn’t make excuses. She says she’s still coming for the title but Cora Jade appears and says she’s still coming for it too. However, in the meantime, they could team-up and win the Dusty Classic, allowing them to get their hands on Dolan and Jayne. Raquel says she likes Jade but she’s the reason she isn’t Champion right now, so stay out of her business.

*Commercial Break*

Walter Vs. Roderick Strong W/Malcolm Bivens

The main event gets underway and Walter grabs a headlock and throws Strong halfway across the ring. Strong looks shocked but goes after Walter and gets taken down. Walter backs him up and Strong goes for the wrist but Walter counters it and takes him down. Strong gets away and grabs a side headlock and drops to a knee.

Walter picks him up but Roddy slides off and punches him, only to get caught with a chop that drops him and causes the fans to chant “holy $hit!” Walter snaps Roderick’s neck by spinning his feet. Bivens gets on the apron and Walter grabs him but Roderick chop blocks the leg, then dropkicks him out of the ring. Strong looks to dropkick Walter through the ropes but gets caught and back-dropped on the apron.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Strong kick Walter away, then hit a missile dropkick to the back. Strong chops and punches Walter in the corner. Walter grabs Strong with a sleeper but Roderick hits a jawbreaker to get him off. Walter stumbles but then grabs the sleeper again. This time Strong bends Walter’s wrist to get him off, then hits repeated running forearms against the ropes.

Walter bails to the apron and Roderick attempts to continue the forearms but Roderick clotheslines him. Walter goes to the top rope but Strong attacks him and climbs up. Walter chops Roderick and he falls, but Strong quickly jumps back up qith an enziguiri, then grabs Walter on the top rope for a superplex! Strong crawls for a pin but Walter kicks out.

Walter and Strong exchange shots back-and-forth, then Roddy lands a series of forearms. Walter leap frogs Strong but then gets caught with a flying kick to the face for a near-fall. Strong shoots for a takedown but Walter turns him around and chops the chest, collapsing him. Walter counters Strong and runs him into the buckles, then throws him off. Walter hits a powerbomb and scores the pinfall.

Winner: Walter

After the match Walter takes the microphone from the ring announcer and says the winner of the match is “Gunter”, I think. Aichner and Barthel rush down and attack Strong, only for Diamond Mine to come down and try to even the odds. The show ends with the two factions brawling as the fans chant “NXT!”

That’s it for this week’s NXT, let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for AEW Dynamite. Until next time, stay safe.

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