Malakai Black has unleashed an unstoppable force on All Elite Wrestling. As his popularity grows, so does the intrigue about the back story of his character. He was more than happy to go into detail about it in a recent interview.

Malakai Black recently did an interview with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri. Black said that as we grow up, we start to understand a lot more of ourselves, especially our past traumas. We start to acknowledge and we start to overcome. And when we overcome them, we can draw from them. We know they don’t fight against us but they work with us.

I’m big into tattoo culture. I’m very much into the alternative music scene. It’s predominately black metal and hardcore. I have a fascination with the occult because I grew up in a certain household that had some very disturbing and interesting things. So I know how to live these cult-like characters because I grew up with it. I understand this. This is part of myself that I can put into these characters. Within a year, two years from that it started taking off. It has to contain an essence of yourself.

The ’50s, ’60s and ’70s were such a pivotal time for a lot of people where the world started changing and opening up minds. New ideas would come in. A lot of Black’s family was very conflicted in that ideology. It affected them in a negative way, in a way that they wanted to escape from it.

There you have it. As Malakai Black becomes stronger, the eye continues to become more disfigured. His run in WWE was the same character having a lengthy manic episode. The former Tommy End has put a lot of thought into his character, and it shows.

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Gunjan Nath

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