Chris Jericho’s contributions as a professional wrestler are well-known. For the past three decades, he has competed in many promotions all around the world. Jericho is likewise proud to work for AEW and isn’t afraid to express it. Because Jericho is a seasoned pro wrestler, he doesn’t give a damn what his detractors have to say.

AEW and Dan Lambert’s working relationship continued past the one-off appearance that they first agreed to. Now American Top Team frequents AEW programming. Dan Lambert’s promo abilities are worth studying for anyone who wants to learn how to get heat.

Some AEW stars have reportedly been offended by homophobic lines that have appeared in AEW TV promos. After asking American Top Team who of them is ‘on top’ on the September 15 edition of Dynamite, Jericho faced backlash from fans. Fans have since accused both Jericho and Lambert of being homophobic for certain phrases in promos.

Sean Sapp mentioned at a Fightful Q&A event that he had been warned about several backstage folks. They were quite unhappy with those homophobic comments. Sapp stated that he is not sure if those issues have been carried forward to the management.


They say it to me. I don’t know if they say it to Jericho, Lambert or Tony Khan. But they say it to me. Like if I mention, ‘Hey have you said anything to this person?’, they don’t say anything back, so, it’s said to me, but I don’t know if it’s said out loud.

AEW boasts a diverse roster with a number of LGBTQ+ stars. That includes Anthony Bowens and Nyla Rose, who have both lately expressed their dissatisfaction with the vitriol they’ve gotten from fans at events. Fans are also outrageous with all these homophobic scenes surrounding AEW.

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