Kenny Omega had lot to say about fans who want to drag AEW’s Women’s Division. Then he trended because of it. That was followed with some more Twitter activity from the former AEW World Champion.

One fan joined the conversation and he caught Kenny Omega’s attention. This tweet said, “You’re also ignoring my questions ultimately. Why is he not weird to you and you feel strongly enough about him to jump to his defense on Twitter?”

This was followed by Kenny Omega dragging that fan’s profile picture. He also drew his own conclusions about what’s going on in that photo.

“You’re tweeting a whole lot about questionable activity when your profile picture boasts you inappropriately touching a child you may or may not have abducted. Go away.”


That particular fan replied to clarify that it was his daughter in that photo. Kenny Omega then tweeted back to say, “Sure brah. Likely story. The boys are gonna love you in the slammer”

When another fan accused Kenny Omega of going for a bad joke about pedophilia, Omega replied as well. He also evoked the name of Jim Cornette.

“Will you bump up Corny’s oxygen so he can maybe get through a podcast without wheezing through every word? It’s harsh on the ears from what a I hear”

Jim Cornette must have paid attention to Omega’s timeline on his burner account, or possibly someone snitch-tagged him. Either way, the controversial pro wrestling manager replied in usual fashion.

“Not sure why Twinkletoes is referencing me in a completely unrelated conversation I’m not involved in, but he needs hobbies/attention. Hey dipshit, I’m not as harsh on the ears as your ballet routines are on people’s eyes, & I’m wheezing from laughing at your attempts to wrestle”

We’ll keep our eye on this story. There are a lot of opinions out there, and Kenny Omega will keep answering back to those people who catch his attention.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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