It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Page (c) vs. Bryan Danielson
  • TBS Championship Tournament – Final: Jade Cargill vs. Ruby Soho
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers (c) vs. Jurassic Express
  • Malakai Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr.
  • MJF In Action

JR welcomes us to the show and we a kicking off with the AEW World Championship match! Bryan Danielson makes his entrance first. Next out is the AEW World Champion, Hangman Page! Justin Roberts does the official ring introductions, there is another 60 minute time limit for this match. Roberts introduces the judges for this match: Mark Henry, Jerry Lynn and Paul Wight.

AEW World Championship: Hangman Page (c) vs. Bryan Danielson


Page starts fast with a boot but Danielson moves, Danielson leaves the ring and taunts Page with jumping jacks. Back in the ring, lock up, Danielson hits a chop in the corner, Page counters but Danielson leaves the ring again. Page with a snapmare, Danielson ducks under a lariat. Danielson gets a headlock, Page escapes, Danielson leaves the ring again but Page hits a suicide dive, Pages goes back up for a moonsault but misses, Page hits a powerbomb on the apron!

Pages goes for a Buckshot but Danielson escapes the ring, Page goes for another suicide dive but Danielson throws him into the barricade. Danielson throws Page into the ringpost. Danielson continues the attack on the shoulder, neutralising the Buckshot Lariat. Page with chops in the corner, Danielson counters and continues to attack Page’s injured arm. Danielson with knees to the shoulder, cover, Page kicks out at 1.

Page catches a Danielson crossbody and hits a fall away slam. Page hits a springboard lariat, Danielson falls to the outside. Back in the ring, Page hits a flying clothesline, cover, 2 count. Page with chops, Page hits a boot, Danielson throws him over the top rope. Danielson goes for a suicide dive but Page catches him and hits an exploder suplex. Danielson with a drop toe hold, Page hits the steel steps. Page has been busted open.

Picture in Picture.

Danielson with headbutts to Page, Page hits a chop, Danielson continues with headbutts, Danielson hits a front chancery suplex, then forearms, into a cross armbreaker. Danielson with right hands to the open wound, Page catches Danielson and hits a Death Valley Driver! Page with chops in the corner, Danielson reverses into chops and headbutts of his own, Page counters into a clothesline, Page flips out of a German and hits a German of his own! Page covers, 2 count.

Danielson with kicks, Page hits a high boot, The both suplex each other over the top rope, Danielson throws Page into the ringpost. “This is Awesome” chants, Page throws Danielson face first into the ringpost, 3 times! Page with headbutts in the ring, Danielson is busted open, Page taunts Danielson with jumping jacks!

Picture in Picture.

Headbutts back and forth on the tope rope, Page hits an Exploder off the top rope, cover, 2 count! “This is Awesome” chants. Danielson throws Page over the top rope, Danielson dives onto Page, Page catches him and hits the Deadeye on the floor! Page goes for the Buckshot but Danielson collapses before Page can hit it. Danielson with an inside cradle, 2 count. Danielson gets the LeBell Lock, Page powers out and catapults Danielson over the top rope, Danielson is too tired to skin the cat. Page boots him off the apron. Page hits the moonsault off the top rope!

Page misses a Buckshot, Danielson hits the running knee, cover, 2 count! Danielson with headbutts, Page headbutts back, Danielson with a running headbutt, Page headbutts back, Danielson with a roundhouse kick, rolling elbow strike, Danielson hits a piledriver, cover, 2 count. Danielson smiles at the judges, then stomps on Page, Page hits a pop up powerbomb, Danielson counters a cover into a triangle sleeper, Danielson gets a kneebar, Page kicks his way out, Page with cross forearms. Page hits a backdrop driver. Page pulls down the elbow pad, hits the Buckshot! Page covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” AEW World Champion, Hangman Page!

Up next, MJF in action.

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The Acclaimed rap about Sting and Darby Allin, they will do a music video next week.

MJF makes his entrance. “Captain” Shawn Dean is already in the ring.

MJF vs. “Captain” Shawn Dean

CM Punk runs down to the ring immediately. Punk gets in the ring, MJF runs out. Punk kicks Dean, hits the GTS, the bell rings.

WINNER: “Captain” Shawn Dean!

MJF has lost his first match of 2022! Punk says this is your future, this will happen every time you step in the ring until you step in the ring with me. Punk says MJF just lost, it will be real hard to fight for a title if you keep losing. “Shut the F*** Up” chants, MJF says he knows the truth, without MJF Punk is nothing. I make you relevant. MJF says Punk was a waste of money, he isn’t a saviour, MJF is. MJF asks if Punk thinks he’s Piper? Piper was actually talented enough to main event Wrestlemania.

MJF says if he isn’t shown enough respect, maybe he’ll main event Wrestlemania too! Punk laughs, says all he wants to do is kicks his ass, MJF ran from him, if he thinks the grass is greener, maybe he can main event night 4 of a buy one get one free PPV, and get released quicker than you last in the sack. MJF say next week it will be CM Punk vs. Wardlow. Punk says eventually MJF will run out of people to hide behind and he will put MJF to sleep.

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Judas hits and Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Jericho says this is a historic night, the first night on TBS. A “TBS” chant, he hasn’t been on TBS since he was on WCW Thunder losing to Booker T. 2point0 hit him in the face with a chair, it took him a while tog et the cobwebs out of his head. He got revenge last week. 2point0 make their entrance.

They says welcome back Jericho. Jericho calls the Terrance and Phillip. Jericho says he has a square head, it looks like a post it note, a waffle. They say don’t call him a square head, Jericho says he has a pin head. Square head, pinhead back and forth. Jericho gets Floyd and squares up to them, Garcia runs in and gets hit with the bat, Garcia and 2point0 beat down Jericho, Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz run down to make the save as Garcia and 2point0 scatter.

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are backstage, Cole says the boys are back together, last week was an accident when O’Reilly kicked him in the face. they are unstoppable, Cole is still the guy everybody is talking about. Its a new year but the same Adam Cole Bay Bay!

Wardlow makes his entrance, accompanied by Shawn Spears. Antonio Zambrono is already in the ring. Zambrono leaves the ring but Spears hits him with a Death Valley Driver and then throws him into the ring.

Wardlow vs. Antonio Zambrono

Spears says cover him but Wardlow hits a powerbomb. Wardlow hits another powerbomb, then a 3rd. Wardlow hits a 4th powerbomb, then a 5th, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Wardlow!

Commercial Break.

Recap of the Kris Statlander and Leyla Hirsch feud. Justin Roberts introduces the TBS Championship match. Jade Carghill makes her entrance, accompanied by Smart Mark Sterling. Ruby Soho is out next.

TBS Championship Tournament – Final: Jade Cargill vs. Ruby Soho

Both women face off, lock up, Carghill overpowers Soho. Another lock up, Carghill powers Soho to the corner, Soho with forearms, Soho throws Carghill out of the ring, Soho with a shoulder to the midsection. Soho with a shotgun dropkick. Carghill with a stomp, Carghill with a double axe handle off the top rope. Carghill goes back up to the top, Soho hits an armdrag.

Mercedes Martinez runs down, Thunder Rosa runs out to intercept her, they both brawl to the back. Soho is favouring an injured shoulder.

Picture in Picture.

Carghill misses a back elbow, Soho hits running kicks. Soho with a knee strike, body shot, enziguri, Soho with a flatliner, cover, 2 count. Soho with kicks to the hamstring, Carghill hits a shoulder breaker. Carghill with a pump kick, cover, 2 count. Soho hits an elbow strike, Carghill with elbows, Soho with a backdrop, cover, 2 count. Sterling gets on the apron, the ref throws him out.

Soho gets a rollup, cover, 2 count. Soho hits the No Future kick, cover, 2 count! Soho with a rollup, 2 count. Soho with chops in the corner, Carghill with a forearm, Carghill sets up the Jaded off the top rope… She hits it! Carghill covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” TBS Champion, Jade Carghill!

JR sits down with Serena Deeb. Deeb says she wanted to wrestle civilised matches, but Shida got some fluke victories, now its all about hurting her. JR says nobody is on Deebs level, she has a PHD in this shit. She takes issue with Shida, she has demanded a match next week, she will take 17 years of anger out on Shida.

The lights cut out and Malakai Black makes his entrance. Brian Pillman Jr is out next, accompanied by Julia Hart.

Malakai Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Lock up, Black breaks in the ropes. Black goes for the Black Mass, Pillman ducks. Pillman hits a dropkick, throws Black out of the ring and hits a baseball slide.

Picture in Picture.

Right hands back and forth, Pillman gets a rollup, 2 count. Black hits a roundhouse kick, Black picks Pillman up with his foot, Pillman holds onto the foot, hits a right hand, a running elbow strike, Black with a boot, Pillman with a chop. Pillman hits a Jackhammer, cover, 2 count. Black hits the Black Mass, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Malakai Black!

Black leaves before getting back in the ring. Hart looks frightened. The Lucha Brothers comes out to face off with Black. The lights cut out… The Lucha Brothers are in the ring, Black is on the ramp. Black leaves.

Tony Schiavone is with Ruby Soho. Britt Baker interrupts, Baker says Soho couldn’t get the job done again. Soho says Baker cant win a match without her two broads. Baker attacks Soho, Riho runs in to help Soho.

QT Marshall is with Aaron Solow. QT says Hook learned everything he knows from him. All he did in QT’s school was show up late and eat chips. Solow says “Hook, stretch him if you can, survive if he lets you.”

Commercial Break.

Jurassic Express make their entrance accompanied by Christian Cage. The AEW Tag Champions, the Lucha Brothers are out next.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers (c) vs. Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy and Fenix start. test of strength, Jungle Boy with a belly to belly, cover, 2 count. Jungle Boy with a hurricanrana, cover, 2 count. Fenix with a trust kick, dropkick, tag to Penta. Luchasaurus tags in, Penta with a superkick to Jungle Boy. Penta slowly takes off his glove. Penta with an overhand chop to Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus blocks a second and hits a chop of his own. Fenix with a trust kick, Jungle Boy tries to fight off both men, all 4 men link hands, Fenix and Jungle Boy hit arm drags, Luchasaurus with a double clothesline.

Luchasaurus hits a German, cover, 2 count. Penta with a superkick to the back, Jungle Boy with a double hurricanrana. Fenix with a tightrope walk and a kick to Jungle Boy.

Picture in Picture.

Fenix blocks a Jungle Boy tag, Jungle Boy hits a lariat. Luchasaurus tags in, he takes out both men, big boot to Fenix, splashes in the corner, double clothesline to both men. Penta with a kick to the hamstring, double superkick, Lucha Bros with a combination splash, cover, 2 count. Jungle Boy blocks Penta, Luchasaurus spikes Fenix, Jungle Boy with a destroyer to Fenix, cover, 2 count.

Jungle Boy tags in, Penta hits a superkick to both men, Fenix hits a Destroyer on Luchasaurus, Penta hits Made in Japan, cover, 2 count. The lights cut out… They come back on and nothing happens… Penta hits a trust kick on Luchasaurus. Penta hits the Fear Factor on the apron while Fenix dives over them onto Luchasaurus. Combination Fear Factor to Jungle Body, cover, 1, 2, kick out!

Alex gets a table. Christian Cage fights off Alex up the ramp. Fenix with a chop to Luchasaurus. Penta hits a superkick, then a second, Luchasaurus hits a headbutt, Luchasaurus chokeslams Fenix through the table! Jungle Boy goes for the Killswitch, Penta blocks, Jungle Boy with a rollup, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” AEW World Tag Team Champions, Jurassic Express!

Christian Cage celebrates with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, he raises their hand. All the tag teams in the back come out onto the stage to look at Jurassic Express. Chris Jericho is watching from the luxury box. Malakai Black is also watching. Dynamite goes off the air as Jurassic Express celebrate.

Martin Dickinson

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