DDP has helped a lot of people in his career, but few got as close to the WWE Hall of Famer as Jake Roberts, who is a Hall of Famer in his own right. Pro wrestling fans already have a ton of podcasts to choose from, and now a new podcast has arrived on the scene. The DDP Snake Pit podcast, hosted by Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, debuted today. The podcast is part of the Conrad Thompson network of podcasts. During the program, the master of the Diamond Cutter had a lot to say about his old friend Roberts.

During the first episode, DDP and Roberts discuss how they met and how DDP got into pro wrestling. DDP revealed that WCW decided to turn him into a wrestler with seven months left on his contract. This is when Roberts taught Page the psychology of wrestling contests.

That’s where Jake and I come back into each other’s life. Every day he was there, I was out with him. All of a sudden he disappeared because of the contract with (Bill) Watts. Then I tore my rotator cuff.

DDP came to see Roberts when broke up with his wife. When DDP reached the hotel, he asked Roberts what he was doing staying there. The latter explained that he had to live somewhere. Later on, DDP invited him to come over to his apartment and stay with him.


When Page was asked what drew him to Jake, he replied: “Do you remember Jimmy Yang? When Jimmy Yang was 15, they lived near me. His whole crew would come by every day. I didn’t know they came by every day. I would have them putting up Christmas decorations and taking them down, all at 15 years old.” One day the 15 years old Jimmy told DDP about the subtleties that he flat out stole from others but made them his own. DDP did the same thing when he worked with Jake.

Concerning their podcast, Page believes that every episode will delight people while also providing new information. People will have an understanding of how wrestlers truly think. Everyone will witness a new side of wrestling.

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