Kyle O’Reilly’s surprise debut in AEW may have set off one of the company’s main story arcs for 2022. After leaving NXT and becoming All Elite, Kyle immediately aligned himself with former Undisputed Era members Adam Cole and Bobby Fish. The Young Bucks were less than thrilled with the new faction within The Elite.

On this week’s episode of the YouTube series “Being The Elite,” Adam Cole presented an opportunity to The Bucks. He believes they can form a super team along with his former NXT partners. Cole sold it as the ultimate Christmas gift.

“Can you believe it? Myself, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly all standing together in the same ring. I know you’re probably worried about this, because I was too. Bobby was the one who set this up. Bobby was the one who convinced Kyle to come here. I know me and Kyle have a lot of things that we have to settle, but we’re so dangerous together as a trio.

And think about this. Now, we are a super group. Because the Young Bucks are also involved. AEW doesn’t know what hit ‘em. AEW is screwed, because on top of how great we are, no one’s gonna be able to stop us. The ultimate group.”


Matt and Nick Jackson then wished Adam Cole a merry Christmas and walked out. They didn’t seem interested in the group. This furthers the storyline that started on Dynamite with O’Reilly’s debut.

AEW is building towards a super feud between The Young Bucks and Cole’s new splinter group. So many major stars could be involved in the storyline. It is likely that this plays out over a long period. AEW President Tony Khan enjoys a good slow burn.

The use of YouTube shows such as Being The Elite adds depth to the storylines that play out every week on Dynamite and Rampage. Fans are able to get a glimpse at how the angle goes when the TV cameras aren’t around. It seems Adam Cole and his friends are on a collision course with The Young Bucks.

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