Nyla Rose wrestled Ruby Soho on Dynamite this week, but one fan at Holiday Bash showed up with a sign just for her. That transphobic sign was shown on television and the fan was ejected. Nyla Rose still had an opportunity to throw a middle finger in his direction. Jim Cornette had a lot to say about that.

Cornette comes from a different era of pro wrestling, one that doesn’t really mix with some of today’s fans. He saw the story about that transphobic fan sign, and he commented on Twitter to express his disbelief about how much things have changed.

Boy, times have changed. When wrestling drew big crowds, fans got tossed out if they committed physical assault or pulled out a knife. If you’d tossed them for saying horrible things & hurting the wrestlers’ feelings, the buildings would have been empty–like they are now.

Jim Cornette has seen a lot of terrible things in a pro wrestling crowd, but that doesn’t mean it was appropriate back then either. That fan was ejected from Dynamite and the company has also since received a lot of praise for making the call to remove him from the building. We have to wonder if this makes Jim Cornette want to attend an AEW Dynamite taping himself.

H Jenkins

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