On November 1, 2021, Pro Wrestling Tees was the victim of a security breach. After a month now, they are addressing the cyber threat. They released an official public statement discussing the data breach. Pro Wrestling Tees found themselves trending, and not for the best reason.

The popular t-shirt company was alerted that a minor portion of their credit card numbers was compromised from their database. It happened during a security breach from a malware virus. However, they insist that no evidence exists that individual personal information was compromised.

“The privacy and protection of our clients’ personal information is a matter that we take very seriously. Please allow this to serve as a notification to you concerning a recent data incident at Pro Wrestling Tees that involved some of your personal information. While we are unaware of any current misuse of your information, we want to provide you with details regarding the incident, our response, and resources available to you to safeguard your identity from possible misuse.”

The company hired a sophisticated forensic vendor to remove the malware virus from their system. They took steps to address the incident promptly after it was discovered. They also reviewed their internal data management and protocols and have implemented enhanced security measures to help prevent this type of incident from recurring.


In addition, they are offering identity theft protection services through IDX, the data breach and recovery services expert. IDX identity protection services include: 12 months of credit and CyberScan monitoring, a $1,000,000 insurance reimbursement policy, and fully managed ID theft recovery services. With this protection, IDX will help anyone resolve issues if their identity is compromised.

Fans took to Twitter where they voiced their concern and opinion. A few were a bit worried, but others just wanted to throw out a one-liner joke You can check out an assortment of those reactions below.

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