Big E has been at this for quite some time. For those that have followed his career, it is known by most that he was passed up for many opportunities on his way to the top. He now sits quite comfortably at the zenith amongst the giants of the Raw brand he now wrestles on.

One big opportunity he was passed up for was a spot in The Shield faction that consisted of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley now in AEW), and of course Seth Rollins. By now, that faction is the stuff of legend in many fans’ hearts, and for very good reason, although for Big E, it represents a missed opportunity.

Of course, Ettore Ewen started in FCW after his football career went sideways, and he amongst the aforementioned three men who went on to form The Shield, trained there and perfected their craft to make it eventually to the main roster. Eventually they all did, but for Big E, it would take that much longer making it to the top. He would go on to become part of yet another great faction in the industry, The New Day, but was that enough? Not for Big E.

Why all the retrospection, you ask? Perhaps because Big E is set to achieve quite the milestone in WWE, and now that he’s at the top of the industry, as WWE Champion, or arguably so, it’s quite apropos that he is set to defend that title against one of the members of The Shield in Seth Rollins among two others at the Day 1 event set for January 1st.


The milestone he’s about to set: 100 days as WWE Champion. For a title that has changed hands in the past in a mere 24 or 48 hours, that’s saying something for sure, and is quite the achievement. He is holding steady and will set the 100 day mark this week.

The 35 year old definitely has his hands full at Day 1 though, where he will be facing off against not only the aforementioned Rollins, but Kevin Owens and the mighty Bobby Lashley in a fatal 4-way match that has many wondering just how far Big E can take this title reign.

Domenic Marinelli

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