Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green are former WWE NXT stars and best friends. They used to hung out all the time and once Purrazzo pitched in an idea to team up with Chelsea. WWE, however, didn’t understand why best friends should be put together as part of a tag team.

Deonna Purrazzo appeared on the latest episode of Two-Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. There she revealed that she and Chelsea pitched being a team. She further presented the idea of looping in Rachael Ellering as a group akin to The Shield or Undisputed ERA.

WWE specifically replied that just because she and Chelsea were best friends, they see no reason why that means they should be paired together on television.

Me and Chelsea pitched being a tag team. Me, Chelsea, and Rachael Ellering pitched being kind like being a female Undisputed Era, Shield type thing. I pitched a ton of ideas. They had me lose a couple of times on TV, I pitched losing and making that a thing until I snapped. ‘I don’t even need to win, just let me keep the armbar and get disqualified and that can set up with this babyface.’ I would do extra promos and film stuff at home. At the end of the day, I put every bit of me into that place to make it work it and it didn’t.


Me and Chelsea were told, ‘We just don’t know why being best friends would be a tag team. Being best friends doesn’t mean you’re a tag team.’ Um…we have pictures together, we travel the world together, she’s legitimately been my best friend for like seven years. We work together and there’s a dynamic there because we literally spend every day of our lives together. For some people they see it, for others, that’s not what they see. I thought it was absurd that I couldn’t be a tag team with my best friend because we were best friends.”

Contrary to this, WWE has seen many best friends being a part of tag teams throughout the years. Shawn Michaels and Triple H’s D-Generation X, The New Day, Edge and Christian, and many more.

Chelsea and Deonna were eventually released from WWE. They are now thriving outside of that world with appearances in multiple promotions. Both women are being featured in IMPACT Wrestling most heavily.

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H/T to Fightful for transcription.

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