The IInspiration are best known for their time in WWE as The Iconic Duo and later The IIconics. They are currently Knockout tag team champions in Impact Wrestling. In a recent interview, they discussed their own inspiration from Britney Spears and pro wrestling legend Eddie Guerrero.

The IInspiration recently spoke to Fightful. The duo discussed how Britney Spears and Eddie Guerrero continue to influence their gimmick. Their new characters are heavily drawn from Spears and Guerrero.

“Britney Spears, Eddie Guerrero. I mean, if you’ve been following what we’ve been doing it’s been this pop star vibe. Britney Spears was our inspiration, but we love that what everyone took from that was Harlem Heat—it’s tag team inspiration. I love that.”

Cassie Lee talked about the passing of Guerrero. It was emotionally devastating for the wrestling universe. Jessie McKay also said that she has has taken inspiration from pop stars.


McKay uses Britney Spears music to hype her up as well. She literally sends numerous photos of Britney to Cassie saying that she will definitely try it next time. The duo is truly living up to their idols in every sense. Now that we know The IInspiration’s inspiration things are starting to make much more sense.

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