Former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay. formerly known as The IIconics, were released by WWE a couple of months ago due to budget cuts.

Speaking on their Off Her Chops, the two wrestlers have offered some advice to indie wrestlers who aspire to go to WWE but can no longer do so after Nick Khan revealed that the company is no longer looking to sign wrestlers from the independent circuit.

Cassie Lee encouraged them not to give up on their dreams but also not to expect much from the company.

“Don’t stop chasing a dream. If you are good enough, and if you are the star, like you said that you know that they need, they will sign you. On the flip side of that, if they don’t feel like they absolutely have to have you and this is maybe a tough pill to swallow, but you don’t want to be there. Yeah, like getting caught in the shuffle. You know, being a part of something where there are 300 other people vying for the one spot and you’re fighting for three minutes of TV time.”


Jessica McKay added that there’s a lot of fish in the ocean and there are endless opportunities.

“There are so many companies all over the world that are fruitful. There are so many other companies where they’re flourishing, the industry in general. I feel like industry — just because there’s one door that’s shut, there are a million others that you can walk through.”

Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay are currently not signed to any promotion at the moment but it wouldn’t be surprising if they ended up in AEW somewhere in the future. Their biggest moment was a WrestleMania 35 where they defeated the Boss ‘N Hug connection to become the second-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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