The legendary professional wrestling agent, manager, and trainer, Jim Cornette is currently an author and podcaster. He recently spoke about various topics including AEW superstars. One such topic included the tag team partners Tully Blanchard and FTR and he had quite a hot take.

On his latest Drive Thru podcast, Cornette shared his thoughts that the aforementioned tag team is a terrible idea. He feels that Blanchard might be holding back FTR.

Tully Blanchard is undoubtedly a veteran. Cornette said that Tully was one of the most impeccable in-ring workers and he had worked hard to gain that position.

These promos by Tully are not doing it for this veteran tag team, and sometimes managing is a quality that doesn’t translate just because you were a great wrestler. Also, I am too old for this now and Tully is 10 years older than me. So I don’t know that they are doing FTR a service or a disservice by not finding someone modern and current. Is there somebody else out there that is younger, is fresh and is new that would fit with a team like FTR?”


Jim Cornette believes that one doesn’t automatically become a great manager if he was a great wrestler. That could be the case with Tully. According to Corny, FTR deserves someone more up-to-date than Tully, who is 10 years older than Jim himself. Perhaps a new manager could freshen up FTR’s act in AEW, at least Jim Cornette seems to believe that is the case.

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