There has been much talk about protecting the safety of wrestlers lately. Seth Rollins was recently attacked by a fan during his entrance on a live episode of Monday Night Raw. Security has been at the top of everyone’s mind. MJF and FTR’s Dax Harwood took control of a recent situation in a big way.

During the AEW Dynamite and Rampage tapings at the UBS Arena in New York, a strange occurrence went down. A breach in security somehow allowed a fan to simply walk into the backstage area. Fightful Select reports that the fan walked straight into the locker room and sat in Dax Harwood’s seat.

He was asked to move. At that point, the fan identified himself as an extra. He then moved to another seat. This one belonged to AEW wrestler The Blade.

The wrestlers decided something was off about the strange person. They asked who trained him. The intruder said he learned under Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy isn’t a wrestling trainer. That was enough to know something was wrong.


It became evident to people in the locker room that something was off, so they began questioning the person, who was applying his Jeff Hardy-style armbands. When asked who trained him, he stated “Jeff Hardy,” who does not train wrestlers. Also, the person couldn’t correctly identify who would have booked him for extra work, citing a name that doesn’t do that job. We’re told that MJF and Dax Harwood quickly ejected him from the locker room, and took him to a person who indicated the same fan had been kicked out of an AEW Boston show in October. The person also claimed to be a friend of Taz’s, which was “clearly not true,” said one talent backstage. 

MJF and Dax Harwood then ejected the fan from the locker room. The fan was recognized by someone else as having done the same thing at an AEW show in Boston in October.

The fan also lied about a friendship with AEW commentator Taz. The locker room was upset but didn’t have any heat with AEW security. It was the job of arena security to take care of situations like these.

This was a major mistake in terms of wrestler security. It doesn’t matter who was supposed to be in charge. With the Rollins incident still fresh in everyone’s thoughts, AEW was lucky the situation ended without anybody getting hurt.

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Michael Perry

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