Johnny Gargano is enjoying his time as a free agent. He recently said his goodbye to WWE after being with NXT for six years. Since then, he’s started Twitch channel to keep up with his fans. A return to the indies seems to be a logical next step, and he’s open to wrestling anywhere.

Tuesday night marked the official launch of Johnny Wrestling’s new stream. He had a great time interacting with his viewers. Johnny is a natural streamer.

During his initial appearance on the platform, Johnny talked about what might be in his immediate wrestling future. He said that he was willing to go anywhere. Gargano noted that the ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants will inform him on where to wrestle.

“The ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants, they mean the world to me, and if you chant ‘Johnny Wrestling’ somewhere loud enough, you never know what could happen. I could show up anywhere at this point. That’s real, like, I’m free to do whatever I want. So, if someone wants to see me bad enough, those ‘Johnny Wrestling’ chants come in, I’ll hear them. I watch everything. So, you never know.”


Johnny Gargano hasn’t announced any in-ring bookings yet. There have been rumors of mutual interest with AEW, but nothing has been confirmed. He’s expecting baby in February with wife Candice LeRae, so it is natural to expect him to take some time off.

In the meantime, fans can keep up with Johnny Gargano on his Twitch channel. On his first stream, Johnny also revealed the existence of an Attitude Era podcast with Adam Cole produced by WWE. Johnny Wrestling is working on building a great relationship with his fans. He’s also listening, and says he’ll answer when they call.

Where would you like to see Johnny Gargano wrestle? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Perry

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