Anthony Ogogo was involved in a recent Twitter troll jam. Ogogo takes a major dig at Jonathan Gresham for being the last ROH Champion.

In his recent tweet, Ogogo sarcastically addresses Gresham’s last ever ROH champ to be super adorable. He further compares the achievement with Hornswoggle being the last ever cruiserweight champ. The salty tweet end with a congrats kiddo.

Super cute that @TheJonGresham was the last ever ROH champ, kinda reminds me when Hornswoggle was the last ever cruiserweight champ. Congrats kiddo.

A twitter war was ought to break out after that comment. Fans commented in support of Hornswoggle and noted that he was not someone to be trolled as an example. A user re-tweeted outrageously,


“This is just the latest example of the ego on this piece of garbage. If it’s not the way he likes it he treats it like garbage. He needs to just shut the f*** up and go away.”

Gresham’s wife Jordynne Grace decided to jump in and reply to Ogogo’s salty remarks. Grace took a jab at Ogogo’s signature wrist lock saying if he started practicing the Gresham’s signature hammer lock yet. Ogogo replied saying that hammer lock is merely a child’s play.

Funny how Ogogo pretended to not know who Grace was but still cared to retweet her reply. His narcissistic reply continues to say that he’s the best athlete turned wrestler and end with a cringe smooch emoticon. Grace retweeted:

“I know you know who I am. Weren’t you disappointed when you heard I was married?”

The knockout reply from Grace really set the bird app on fire. Ogogo must have gone nuts after that as he tried to roast Gresham’s age and dental plan. Fans however didn’t lose the chance to roast a ticked off Ogogo.

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