Crowbar made a one-off appearance for All Elite Wrestling when he took on Joey Janella during the October 6 AEW Dark: Elevation taping in Philadelphia. He has a history in the city, having worked for ECW and WWE as Devon Storm. He also worked in WCW between 1999 and 2001 under the Crowbar name.

Recently, Crowbar appeared on Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. He said he reached out to QT Marshall about making an appearance. Ultimately, he got the call. Crowbar told Dreamer about the process.

“The pandemic starts to come to an end and my first match back was the ECWA Super 8, which I did 25 years ago. They give me a call, it’s at 3:30 in the afternoon the day of the Super 8. Way back when, if you got a call for a date last minute, you could go and do a solid match and give the people their money’s worth. Now, almost everything is going to go to YouTube or something. You can’t shit the bed. I haven’t had a match in 14 months. I wanted to do this and in the car, we’re talking it through, ‘Ricky Morton is having an issue with travel, can you show up?’

I wanted to do it and it’s on FITE TV or IWTV and I ask myself, ‘Should I do this?’ It sounds cliche, but I thought it was God giving me an opportunity. I had been working the whole pandemic to stay in shape because I wanted to return. I go, ‘If you don’t take this, you’re going to miss out. You’re meant to take this.’ I go and have two matches. From that date, I get a date for JCW in Atlantic City against Rickey Shane Page and we tear it up.


From those two shows, I had video that I was able to send to QT Marshall. In wrestling, you’ll get a call from somebody, ‘I’m in shape, yada yada,’ then they show up and it’s not the case. Before I even contacted (AEW), I wanted to show them what I could do and that I was still capable of doing. I sent (the tape) down, about a month and a half goes by, I’m on vacation in Disney and I get a text, ‘We’re going to bring you in when we’re in New Jersey.’

I wanted to cry. It was awesome and such a great feeling. We hadn’t had a vacation in two years because of COVID and I had the cleanest diet anyone could have on a Disney vacation. I was so hyped up and working out twice a day. It was such a great call to get and if it’s a one-off and that’s it, that’s all it is, it was worth it. It was incredible. You feel alive, you feel grateful. Just being able to go out there again in Philadelphia was just amazing. I love it.”

Crowbar also thanked Janela for helping to get him back into pro wrestling when the two worked together in JCW years ago. Crowbar also assisted Janella when he needed to rehab his knee injury. It was a nice reward to get to work together in AEW.

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Michael Perry

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