In 2020, it was announced that Netflix would be making a documentary series about the life of WWE head Vince McMahon. Mr. McMahon was initially reluctant to approve the documentary.

Since the announcement, it’s been mostly radio silence. We learned that the documentary will be executive produced by Bill Simmons. It’s set to be directed by Chris Smith, who helmed the excellent Fyre Festival documentary on the streaming service. Stephanie McMahon recently told the Adam’s Apple YouTube channel that it’s set for release in 2022.

“It’s scheduled currently to release next year in 2022. The timing is still TBD. I am equal parts excited and equal parts like really nervous about this documentary. I don’t know what it’s going to say, but it’s going to capture his life and his story, which so richly deserves to be told.”

Many fans are skeptical that the documentary will be an accurate portrayal of McMahon, given his cooperation. Stephanie seems to indicate that it will be anything but. A true Vince McMahon documentary, scars and all, would likely be one of the most interesting films ever created.


Vince McMahon recently returned to TV as part of a cross-promotional deal with Netflix for The Rock’s movie “Red Notice.” The entire Cleopatra Egg storyline that began at Survivor Series featured the boss. McMahon appeared at Survivor Series and on the two most recent episodes of Raw.

McMahon founded what eventually became WWE from the business built by his father, Vince Sr. He aggressively expanded nationally throughout the 1980’s, changing the face of wrestling in the United States. Along the way, there were many controversies, legal battles, and mistakes. Given the talented creators, hopes are high for the Vince McMahon Netflix documentary.

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