Netflix is releasing a multi-part documentary series about Vince McMahon. That project is a huge undertaking. Vince McMahon also wasn’t a huge fan of the idea to begin with.

Roz & Mocha recently spoke to Triple H where he said that Vince McMahon was hesitant to do the Netflix documentary series about his own life. In the end, they obviously convinced The Chairman to change his mind about the situation.

“Prior to now, Vince was always hesitant to do it. With Vince, he really doesn’t see himself — while Mr. McMahon is one of the most epic characters ever, he doesn’t see himself as part of the programming. When you ask him about those things, he goes, ‘Nobody is interested in me. They want to know about the stars and performers.'”

“The truth is, they do (want to know about Vince). The most difficult thing with Vince’s life is making it succinct. Every chapter of his life is a whole other unbelievable story. His story is amazing, all the things he’s been through, the trials and tribulations of getting to where he is. No one gives him the credit, they just see this billion-dollar global empire he’s created and see him as the evil tyrant businessman,” 


Netflix won’t be producing this documentary series alone. WWE Studios will also have a hand in it. That means fans could see some pretty great footage, but it also means that a positive slant is going to be expected. We’ll have to see how everything shapes out in this situation, but it will likely still be a can’t-miss documentary.

Felix Upton

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