Perhaps there is no other wrestling promoter that has lived a more controversial life than Vince McMahon. His story is one painted with many dark images, as well as the bright. This is perhaps why Netflix was interested in going ahead with a documentary based on the man’s extraordinary life.

If it wasn’t the steroid scandal and trial of the early nineties, then the events that led to the Montreal Screw Job; no matter what point in time you choose to focus in on on the man’s life, it’s most definitely interesting and extremely entertaining for wrestling fans to watch.

Whether you love him or you hate him, you want to know about the man that spearheaded the pro wrestling revolution in the eighties with the help of talents like Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant, along with a plethora of other characters that helped McMahon bring Wrestling to the masses.

WWE President Nick Khan, has stated that it will be the most expensive documentary in Netflix history, and that’s saying a lot. He went into what people can expect as well, this all during the recent Q3 earnings call:

“We have seen early cuts of our upcoming Vince McMahon multipart Netflix documentary, which is executive produced by WWE and Bill Simmons, who did the acclaimed Andre the Giant documentary with us. The Vince cuts are out of this world, amazing. Wait until you see it.”

There were talks to have an actual movie based on the life of Vince McMahon made, and actor Bradley Cooper was set to star as McMahon, but the project was abandoned. The documentary was probably a better way to go anyways. Reality-based is always the way to go with telling the life of a man like him anyways.

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Domenic Marinelli

Domenic Marinelli is an author and freelance writer/journalist. Some of his work has appeared in The Sportster, E-Wrestling News, Pro Wrestling News Hub, The Recipe,, Guilty Eats, Par Ex News, CFL News Hub, Daily DDT, XFL News Hub, as well as other print and internet publications. He is the author of Generic V, Summer of the Great White Wolf, His Old Tapes (stories & poetry), and so many others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He's an avid reader and loves hiking.

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