Tommy Dreamer had some stories about Vince McMahon he wanted to share with the fans. Dreamer always got along great with McMachon and he decided to share his story on a recent show.

On the latest Busted Open Radio show, Dreamer revealed that McMahon never wanted Paul Heyman to be on the ECW One Night Stand. The show aired in 2005 and despite McMahon’s unwillingness to include Heyman, Dreamer talked him into it. Dreamer continued,

“I always got along with him from early ECW when we were having secret meetings. And I mean Vince is the first person I ever heard in professional wrestling. He was doing the commentating when I first saw my first ever match. I remember the first day when I actually went to WWE with the whole Alliance and Paul was giving Vince [an earful] and Vince was kind of having a heated discussion. He looks at me and he’s like, ‘how did you deal?’ And I go, ‘he’s your problem now.’ So that was like kind of set the tone…I’ve had, I mean one argument with him but the rest were and for a lot of people it’s pick and choose because the guy is so, so busy. But I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Vince. I worked in the office, I literally shared the office next to him, which the only thing I didn’t like was he would keep his office so cold, hence, my office would be cold. And I’m a heavyset guy, I normally like the cold.”

Dreamer had shared work out sessions with Vince. He tells an amusing story of people leaving the gym when Vince walked in. Dreamer was the only then who would be working out with him. He saw Vince when he just had his quad surgery and double cast in his leg. Even in a wheelchair still worked out, with legs sticking straight out.


During the ECW One Night Stand meeting, it so came up that Paul Heyman shouldn’t be involved in the event. Paul was hated at that time. Dreamer could have been a jerk and kept Paul out. He couldn’t figure out how could they keep Paul Heyman out of something ECW. Dreamer then devised a plan to navigate the situation through the political waters.

With the help of John Laurinaitis, Dreamer was able to make a last minute change to the pay per view. Dreamer and Paul Heyman worked great together. Dreamer was finally able to manipulate Vince McMahon and include Paul in his writing.

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