Tommy Dreamer returned to carry out his co-hosting responsibilities at the Busted Open Radio once again. The former ECW World Champion inexplicably went on short hiatus after his last appearance on the show. As he returned on the show, he worked with Dave LaGreca to analyzing the latest NXT show and nothing about his absence was touched upon.

Dreamer also gave a tribute alongside WCW wrestler Crowbar to Daffney, who passed away on September 1st. The Busted Open podcast, which drops after the broadcast and has important bits and pieces from the show, had no mention of Dreamer’s return or absence.

The Busted Open Radio disappearance for the former ECW wrestler comes after he defended Ric Flair on Vice TV’s Dark Side of the Ring. Flair was accused of sexual assault by flight attendant Heidi Doyle. The incident is famously known as Plane Ride From Hell incident.

Dreamer also said that her claims were not as believable given that she had chosen to settle the lawsuit with WWE. While it might not have anything to do with his appearance, Dreamer was let go by IMPACT Wrestling following the airing of the episode.


LaGreca announced on the Busted Open Radio after a few days that Dreamer would not be on the show until further updates. As he gets back into the groove, it is uncertain whether Dreamer is going back to IMPACT. However, he still promoted their upcoming event Impact’s Bound for Glory on his social media, so it’s yet to be seen.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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