Ric Flair is 72-years old, and he’s still going strong. Flair still seems keenly interested in wrestling, and he teased that he might have it in him to get one final match out of himself. He is also ready to give it all for a bout with the Spanish God.

The Nature Boy took to Twitter in order to let fans know that he is very much interested in match against Sammy Guevara. He said that when he dies, he either wants to be next to his “hot wife” or fighting Sammy Guevara in a ring in AEW.

Like I Said… I’m Going To Die, And It’s Either Going To Be Next To My Hot Wife Or In The Ring Next To @sammyguevara. Preparing For One Or The Other! WOOOOO!

Guevara apparently got wind of it and responded to Flair with a tweet of his own. While he didn’t really express that he wants that fight, he said “Wrestling God vs Spanish God.


The Twitter interaction between the two unlikely fighters came after Flair made some shocking comments on his ‘Wooo Nation: Uncensored‘ podcast. He said that an Israeli pro-wrestling promotion offered Flair $100,000 to get in the ring against Sammy Guevara.

There’s a promoter in Israel that wanted me to wrestle your boy Sammy [Guevara]. They said $100,000 and two first-class tickets there. 50 percent down and 50 percent after I beat Sammy. I’d have to figure out what to wear but [shrugs].

Flair sounds enthusiastic about teasing the possibility for the match. However, he is in his 70s, and has gone through a lot of health troubles recently. Age might be just a number, but it might make a match against Guevara and Flair unlikely.

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