Kenny Omega is one of the biggest stars at AEW. The NJPW veteran has been a practicing pro-wrestler for a long time. While the 38-year old recently performed at Full Gear against Adam Page, he was reportedly suffering from vertigo and shoulder ache. As he is scheduled to undergo some tests today, it seems Omega will be taking some time off.

Omega stated recently that he had always planned to take some personal time off after Full Gear, so the timing fortunately happens to coincide. The AEW superstar also went through chiropractic session with Dr. Beau Hightower, who has given chiropractic adjustments to many pro-wrestlers, MMA fighters and celebrities.

The entire session takes about 40-45 minutes, with Kenny trying to talk himself through the adjustment. The problem was, he couldn’t talk with the massive amount of adjustments he was undergoing.

Omega was talking about the WCW vs WWE, The Wednesday Night wars at one point. However, as he was in the middle of talking about his days as a competitive hockey player, Dr. Hightower adjusted him with a huge red hammer and a giant nail. The whole video is extremely entertaining, with Kenny recounting many key stories from his long career.


The timing of the chiropractic adjustment video is rather curious, as the superstar isn’t cleared for taking on further challenges. Perhaps this marks for Omega a phase of resting and restoration. With Chris Jericho wanting to tag team with him & him getting compared with the likes of Roman Reigns, Omega’s career is at its peak.

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