Corey Graves and Carmella spend a lot of time with each other. The recently engaged couple had quite a heated discussion and the Savior of Misbehavior had to tell everyone all about it.

Graves and Carmella were battling over the proper name for Sesame Street’s very own Snuffalupugus. While Graves thought his name was Snuff, Carmella stood fast by the idea that his name is, in fact, Snuffalupugus. In a mind-blowing revelation, Corey Graves informed fans that they were both wrong.

Just had a semi-heated debate with @CarmellaWWE.

She said his NAME is “Snuffalupugus.”


I said his NAME is “Snuffy” and he IS a Snuffalupugus.

Turns out we’re both wrong.

His name is Aloysius.

My childhood was a lie.

According to Wikipedia, “Aloysius Snuffleupagus, more commonly known as Mr. Snuffleupagus, Snuffleupagus or Snuffy for short, is one of the characters on Sesame Street,” That was news to Corey Graves and Carmella. We’re certain that others were a bit surprised to head that as well.

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