AEW President Tony Khan has revealed his intentions to introduce some changes to the presentation of his wrestling promotion following the company’s planned move to TBS beginning January 5.

Speaking on Full Gear media call today (Nov. 11), the 39-year-old said he intends to change some aspects of the presentation, but would be willing to revert if AEW fans do not get on board with the planned tweaks.

The AEW CEO said that they do not plan on changing the things people love about Dynamite such as the wrestlers and the wrestling itself. He added that he hopes to make the adjustments as there will be significantly less time-shifting for sports on TBS.

TNT & TBS General Manager Brett Weitz previously spoke about AEW’s move to TBS from TNT. He said that AEW landing on TBS won’t be a problem for fans because they will watch the wrestling programming wherever it airs.


The January 5 episode of Dynamite will air on TBS. The Turner network is said to be happy with the way Dynamite has carried itself so far. It is worth mentioning that the promotion is heading towards the end of its third season.

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