Erich Bischoff is always updated on all things WWE. The former WCW CEO is keeping a close eye on other pro-wrestling platforms as well, especially AEW. While his response to Tony Khan’s competition references to WWE landed him in a verbal back-and-forth with Chris Jericho, Bischoff is still commenting on all the new developments.

WWE recently released 18 of its talents, to the shock of many. With many key names such as Keith Lee and Nia Jax on the list, the whole world of pro-wrestling is caught off with such a development. Bischoff in particular has a few names whom he thinks were completely unexpected.

Bischoff talked about the releases on the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast. He said that many of the releases took him by surprise, especially highlighting Ember Moon. He recounted working with Ember Moon in his brief time at WWE, and said:

I was really disappointed. A couple of them stuck out to me, in particular, Ember Moon was a surprise to me. Only because I worked with Ember for a very brief time back in WWE for an even briefer time. Really really professional, talented, committed individual. I really liked her and was hoping to work more with her because there’s just something about her that made me want to try to come up with something that would help her get to the next level.


Erich Bischoff was working at WWE during the time when Ember Moon had faced a grave injury. He said that everyone was extremely understanding about it, and agreed to give her as much time as she needed to recover. It was an injury everyone thought impossible for Moon to bounce back from, which is why he was surprised.

I know that in the office, there were a lot of people that really really supported Ember when she got injured while I was there. It was a devastating injury and most people thought that she was probably not coming back. I know there was a lot of support for her in the office and everybody was of the mindset that everybody was going to give her as much time as they needed because they really appreciated her as a performer and a professional. That’s why that one really jumped out to me.

The WWE releases were baffling to many. While Tony Khan said that the latest batch of WWE releases leaves a lot of talent to recruit for AEW, Bryan Danielson said that the mass releases don’t feel right. Mick Foley himself expressed that he was surprised by the releases too.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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