There are certainly many who would state that Big E’s WWE Championship reign was of course long overdue. Since his win, he has shown dominance and a wee bit of a character change. There are those that would claim the innovator of the “Power of Positivity” movement got a tad dark.

WWE has been called a place that can be compared to “shark infested waters” by one of the greats, The Rock himself. Perhaps, Big E is just watching out for number 1 at the moment, and who can blame him?

Whatever the case, he opened up about just where he stands with Vince McMahon now that he’s the number one guy on Raw, while speaking with

“It’s been good. I always go to Vince down the years, but now it’s a more regular thing where I’m getting feedback and I’m finally getting a chance to talk to him.


But it’s cool, because we now have a different relationship. Last week when I talked to him, we talked about the interview I did on The Breakfast Club, he was giving me feedback there and he’s talking to me about the FOX people and their feedback.

We’re having these conversations about things we’re doing outside of the ring which is actually a big part of being a WWE champion. You got to represent the company and this title outside in all these other facets, so it’s really dope to have these conversations about that stuff.

It’s not weird because I feel like I belong here, but it’s just crazy to be in this spot and being the guy having these conversations…”

Big E is currently in a feud with both Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, and perhaps a Triple Threat Match is on the horizon for him. Although Rollins does have a contract stating that he is due a title match, so it looks like Big E is going to have to grow a pair of eyes on the back of his head if he wants to keep his title.

Domenic Marinelli

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