Xavier Woods receives little to no additional money from his UpUpDownDown duties, according to a new report. The winner of the most recent King of the Ring is also the host of the popular online gaming series. After news surfaced that Woods’ collaborators on the show were initiating a work stoppage, many wondered just how bad a deal Xavier was getting from WWE.

Fightful Select has now indicated the specifics of Woods‘ deal for the gaming content. He receives no additional money whatsoever from the show. Any money is applied towards his downside guarantee.

The same deal applied to the rest of the cast of UpUpDownDown. Woods and the staff initiated the de facto strike in order to try and garner a better deal. UpUpDownDown has 2.27 million subscribers.

The dispute will not affect Xavier Woods’ booking within the wrestling part of the company. The entire stoppage has occurred during one the biggest singles push of his career. In addition to winning the KOTR tournament in Saudi Arabia, Woods is currently involved in a storyline with Universal champion Roman Reigns.


Many WWE representatives have stated that they side with Woods in the matter. Most involved in the production of the show assumed that he had a good deal in place from the start and that he was doing well from the show. Sources say that Xavier hasn’t seen a dime from his popular work.

Given his current status with the company and the popularity of the show, it would make sense for WWE to give in. They clearly place a lot of value in social media and the online space. UpUpDownDown is insanely popular within that market. To deny Xavier Woods his fair due would serve as nothing but more reason for fans to be upset with the promotion.

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