Chris Jericho has revealed he had to shut down a WWE star for coming up with various spots for the Money In The Bank ladder match in 2016. The former AEW World Champion said talked Sami Zayn out of taking risky moves.

He recalled the incident while interviewing fellow AEW wrestler Jon Moxley on his Talk Is Jericho podcast. The two discussed Moxley’s new book, MOX, which is available in stores now.

Jericho recalled how one instance during the preparation of the 2016 Money In The Bank ladder match forced him to shut down Sami Zayn, who was not insistent on taking a dangerous bump during the match.

“It was you, and me, and it was Sami, and Kevin, and it was Cesaro, and Del Rio. And Sami and Kevin were convinced that they needed to build an apparatus and take some kind of ridiculously, stupid bump or else nobody would care, and you were just sitting there being typical Mox. ‘Whatever you guys want to do,’ and Sami was talking, talking, talking.”


“And Cesaro said, ‘Sami, can I say something?’ And Sami goes, ‘No’ and continues talking. Cesaro was just like [Jericho makes an angry noise], and I remember, at one point, I said, ‘Okay, stop. I’m the captain now. I’m taking over. Everything has to be approved by me.”

“‘If you got a problem, go talk to Vince. It’s all about climbing the ladder and reaching for the title. That’s all that matters,’ and we had the match. You won. It ended up being really good, and afterwards, Sami went, ‘Wow, you were right. You had some good ideas there.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, of course I’m f**cking right!’”

The 2016 MITB PPV emanated from T-Mobile Arena in the Las Vegas suburb of Paradise, Nevada, on June 19. The event saw WWE’s top title change hands twice on the same night.

Then defending champion Roman Reigns lost the title to former Shield member Seth Rollins, who in turn lost it to MITB winner Dean Ambrose (Moxley). This was the night where all three members of The Shield held the title. Watch the clip below:

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