MJF is perhaps the heel of all heels these days. He pushes the boundaries that no other wrestler on any main roster has had the guts to push, and he does it all with that smile of his that people love to hate, and he even keeps up with his character, never breaking that level of kayfabe, at autograph signings. One should even be surprised he even shows up for them.

It would seem that one other person is quite convinced of his own terrible character and she’s convinced big time of his bad, bad ways: his very own mother. So no, it isn’t a case of “Momma said Knock you out,” but rather, “Shame on you for being such a disgrace, son.” She let loose on her son during an appearance on Busted Open Radio:

“I got to tell you, here’s what I thought. I think Max should be the face of every advertisement and health class of why you should use birth control. That is my honest opinion; he is so ridiculously disrespectful. He is beyond ungrateful. I cannot get over what he has turned into, and I am sick to tell you the truth.

I wouldn’t call him a man, that’s number one. Number two is that he was born with such a silver spoon, given everything, nurtured; we were the number one supporters of his dreams, and what do we get? It’s outrageous, I am embarrassed. He’s a disgrace to our family, and lots of luck to him, that’s all I’m going to say, I’m not tolerating this bullsh*t.


He is the most despicable human being. Am I allowed to file emancipation? Is that allowed? Am I allowed to file emancipation from him? That’s all I want to know?”

Talk about scathing testimony, especially one about your own flesh and blood. We wonder only if she is as good at keeping up with the gimmick as her very own son is. This reeks and has the word ‘work’ as it is used in pro wrestling circles, all over it. We wonder only if she will be brought in for a storyline down the road, just like Buff Bagwell’s mother, Judy, was brought into the mix back in WCW.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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