Biff Busick, previously known in NXT as Oney Lorcan, interestingly enough has a 90-day no-compete clause as opposed to a 30-day version of the contract, which was especially enjoyed by other ex-superstars, one in particular, was Malakai Black, who was able to appear on AEW after only 30 days because of the time in which he sighed his contract with WWE, it obviously not getting updated to the main roster 90 days – something that ultimately worked out in his advantage big time.

At 35 years old, Busick (Lorcan), was released with the massive cuts made to the roster on the 4th of November. He started with the company in 2015. He’s been wrestling since 2008 and made it through some pretty important indie wrestling promotions such as Chaotic Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, and was trained by the legendary Lance Storm.

He states specifically in an address he made on his very own YouTube channel, that he was made to sign another contract once he was added to the roster for 205 Live, thus leading to the main roster 90-day version of the WWE contract. This was an oversight not seen quite obviously in regards to the aforementioned Malakai Black, whose contract slipped by unseen.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I have a 90-day no-compete rather than a 30-day no-compete. When I wrestled for 205 Live, the show used to travel around with SmackDown so when I got called to 205 Live, I re-signed a contract to a main roster contract so rather than have a 30-day no-compete that’s in the NXT contract, my contract contained a 90-day no-compete clause so I just wanted to clear that up for you.”

It was just the year before signing on with WWE that he wrestled at Pro Wrestling Guerilla, where many talented wrestlers have stopped to work throughout their respective careers, and he definitely made some noise in that territory for sure.

Like so many of the recently released wrestlers, who all seem to have had quite the career elsewhere before joining up with WWE, he should be more than alright in finding some work in the industry, although for someone in his pay grade, a 90-day contract is a lot harsher to deal with; especially when momentum is so important in professional wrestling, and he has a name-change to have to deal with on top of it all.

Domenic Marinelli

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