The #SpeakingOut movement turned the pro wrestling world on its head in June of 2020, but there are more stories to tell. One wrestler has come forward to speak out about former Impact Wrestling referee Kris Levin as she leveled allegations of abuse and gaslighting on him. Levin has already denied these allegations.

Levin left Impact Wrestling in December of 2020 when they stopped contacting him for dates. He has remained a referee on the indie wrestling circuit since then.

Bonesaw Brooks posted a lengthy story about her time with Levin. She accused him of abuse and manipulation. This is a heartbreaking story which you can read below.

My Story #SpeakingOut

In order to fully heal I’m choosing to break my silence regarding what I experienced for six years and why I actually left the wrestling business for three years. I’ve kept this inside for 9 years due to shame and an unexplainable need to protect my abuser. A lot of the shame stemmed from the idea that no one would believe me because of my in ring character.

During my six year relationship with Kris Levin I was emotionally, verbally. financially, and sexually abused. He wanted to control everything in my life and after a while he did. I was isolated from friends and family. Kris convinced me to keep quiet about what was happening by saying it was a private matter.

Kris relied heavily on gaslighting to keep me confused and questioning if things actually happened the way I remembered them. I stopped trusting my perception of things and my memories. It became harder to make my own decisions. He used my doubt as a way to escape accountability for his actions. Kris would also use my mental illness against me saying that I was the problem. He often called me crazy and said I needed medication. He blamed his abusive behavior on me saying that my actions made him do it.

I learned after some time that saying no would lead to an argument that would last hours. If I tried to leave Kris would follow me or he would block the door. If I tried to move him from in front of the door he would act as if I was hurting him and yell. I was concerned his parents would hear him yelling, assume I was physically abusing him and call the cops. So I stopped trying to leave the room. He knew that I was afraid his parents would think I’m abusing him so he began to use it to get his way.

Over time Kris developed a number of manipulative behaviors to make sure that he always got his way. Which eventually led to him sexually abusing me. When I said no he would start with guilt tripping me. Saying that as his girlfriend it’s my job. He would then move on to berating me until I caved in. That’s when he would then ask me again as if it was my idea to change my answer.

After years of daily abuse I started to block a lot of it out. I wasn’t myself anymore and I didn’t know who I was apart from him. I became dissociated, not fully aware that I was stuck in a cycle of abuse. Kris convinced me that I was causing all the issues in our relationship and that I should see a therapist. After months of therapy sessions I realized the extent of the abuse I had been experiencing. That’s when I decided that I needed to leave. So I made a plan to leave the relationship and the place we shared. I got a job where I was working six days a week to earn money to move out as soon as possible. I also didn’t want to be at home with Kris where he consistently reminded me that I can be kicked out anyday.

After I moved out I cut off all contact. I didn’t want to be manipulated back into the relationship as I had many times before so I left the wrestling business for three years. Leaving wrestling was really hard for me to do. At that time, it was the only thing that brought me joy and relief from the abuse. However, Kris eventually turned that joy into misery, making wrestling something I no longer wanted to be involved in.

When I finally got the courage to return to wrestling. I was asked why I left so I told everyone a small part of the story. I purposely left out the main reason I chose to leave to protect Kris. At the time I thought my only option to be able to return to wrestling was through Kris. In the past when we were together he burned a lot of bridges that affected where I was able to work by association. I also had no idea what rumors he may have spread around about our breakup that may affect me getting bookings. I did notice a difference in the way a few people I’ve known longer than him were acting towards me. One rumor that got back to me is that I beat him up. making him the victim.

I began to realize after some time that Kris was using his company as another way to control me. So I decided to stop working for him. Also. seeing him still abuse others in the same way he did me brought up unwanted memories. It’s what finally convinced me that I needed to tell my story.

Brooks has received plenty of support after posting this #SpeakingOut story. Hopefully, her words will give others strength that they can stand up in their own relationships if they see some of the same unfortunate trends in their own lives.

Kris Levin has already responded to these allegations. He posted on Twitter with the following text graphic attached.

I am aware that an accusation was levied against me by my ex-partner, Jess. I respect everyone’s right to speak their truth.
It is not in my nature to sexually assault, financially abuse, or rumormonger. I unequivocally deny that having occurred.

Regretfully, I was not always a good or kind boyfriend. I won’t make any excuses for this. If there is a way to atone for this, I will. To Jess, I respect your feelings and apologize for any grief my past immaturity and toxic behavior caused or continues to cause you.

Until weeks ago, we were actively involved in one another’s lives. We were close friends and spent a fair amount of time together. I considered Jess a member of my family. To say I am blindsided would be an understatement.
If a consensus is decided that professional wrestling is better without me because of this, I will respect it. Though I deny the allegations of sexual assault, financial abuse, and rumormongering with every fiber of my being, I will not do anything to make anyone feel unsafe or bring shame upon any affiliation.

There seem to be two sides to this story. He has outright denied these allegations against him. We will continue monitoring this story here at Ringside News in case there are further developments.

What’ your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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