WWE took age into account as a major factor when deciding who they were going to release in their latest talent purge. Several good to great wrestlers were suddenly dropped by the promotion as they continue to slash costs in the pursuit of profit. We now know the damage could’ve been much worse.

Dave Meltzer reported on the releases in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It sounds like veteran WWE superstars should be getting nervous. Nothing appears to be off the table.

“Virtually all the veteran wrestlers that aren’t being used on either WWE or NXT television right now were discussed as potentially being cut over the past week.”

It was also reported that WWE will be moving to a new model for signing talent in the new year. Rather than signing wrestlers to long-term contracts, they will be given 60-day trial contracts under the plan. The company would monitor their progress and let them go if they weren’t happy with what they saw.


This would prevent situations like the one Harry Smith, who was signed and never used in any meaningful way. Some wrestlers emigrated to the United States, only now to find themselves in situations where getting home is more difficult due to the pandemic.

The plan could also be part of a public relations preventative maintenance program. WWE knows they get a ton of bad press every time these mass releases occur. By only signing talent to three-month deals, they can simply not use them on TV and let their contract run out without having to fire them.

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Michael Perry

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