WWE could be letting go of even more employees after a banner year for firings. We previously reported that a handful of office employees were let go, and more might be on the way.

Stan Stanski, who was WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Services, has been released from his contract. Stanski had been with the company for fifteen years.

According to PW Insider, this was quite an unexpected move. However, even more shockingly, Stanski might not be the only one being released from his contract.

A source close to the WWE shared that Stanski being released from his contract has been an eye-opener for many that the WWE “isn’t the same company it was a year ago” and that “no one is safe.”


While there have been no official confirmations yet, if the PW Insider report is to believed, others might also be released from their contracts shortly. With a high-profile departure like Stanski’s, this might not entirely be out of the question.

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