It was on this week’s episode of Dynamite that Number 10 of the Dark Order put himself through hell, quite literally. Some would say that stepping into the ring with JBL back in the day, or even Nick Gage these days, would be a gut check for sure, but Jon Moxley can definitely take his opponents to the limit.

He did just that in his aforementioned match with Number 10 (Cody Vance), and in perfect Jon Moxley fashion, the man was in, he did his thing, brutalized Number 10, and he was out, punching his clock and time card and going off to order a burger with a side of fries and a few dozen beers, all before tucking his daughter in for the night, quite probably.

It wasn’t such an easy-going night for Number 10, however. As was seen in the match, the man was beaten, bitten and turned practically inside out, and what did he have to show for it? A heck of a lot of blood loss, as was seen on the broadcast.

He took to his Facebook page to let people know just how he feels getting into the ring with one Jon Moxley.

“I’ve been in the ring with Jon Moxley two times. Both times he tried to take me out of action. He tried to shorten my career twice. One day I will get my revenge and end his. He once took me out for 3 months this time no days off. I’ll see y’all in Kansas City…”

Vance got his start in the industry in 2015, wrestling for Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, learning his trade there as well…sacrificing quite the experience as a student at the Central Michigan University to pursue his wrestling dream. He also had a brief run in NXT, a subsequent gig on the main roster as a security guard for Becky Lynch, and a return to the indie circuit before signing with AEW.

The footage really speaks for itself. The tonality of Vance’s Facebook post is serious in scope and although this is professional wrestling, it may well be a shoot of sorts. For a pro wrestler, being taken out of action for 3 months is serious, especially in the indies, when a paycheck is as necessary as taking a much-needed breath of fresh air when submerged in deep water for far too long.

Many have called the match a tad too brutal on Moxley’s part, but again, it’s hard to say for sure. Number 10 quite obviously got some stitches and perhaps revenge truly is a dish best served cold. Who knows how long we’ll have to wait to see a rematch, where maybe Number 10 can get a few harsh blows in of his own. This should certainly build hype up for that at least, but time will tell.

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