Bray Wyatt, or rather Windham Rotunda, has teased his fan base with an imminent wrestling return since his release from WWE on July 31st of this year. Just yesterday, he tweeted a cryptic message suggesting that his wait for his 90-day no-compete clause to come to an end had a mere 2 days to expiration, and now, an image pops up on Twitter suggesting that he’s ready and willing to make quite the debut, it would seem.

He sent out a very cryptic tweet last night, indicating that he is paying close attention to the calendar.

“2 more days”

His release was shocking, considering his family’s history with the promotion and the fact that he’d been with the company for 12 years himself. He is the son of IRS, who was popular in WWE in the eighties and nineties (also WCW and other promotions of the era).


Jason Baker, who runs Callosum Studios, tweeted a picture of himself and Wyatt, essentially letting his followers know that he has been indeed working with the pro wrestler. Baker along with Tom Savini designed the Fiend’s mask

What have they been working on, exactly? Perhaps a new character costume and design, which is what can surely be deduced judging by the aforementioned tweets by both men.

“Just another day at the office with @WWEBrayWyatt”

All that remains to be seen is just where Wyatt is set to debut. The rumors have been bountiful…some suggesting that he secretly re-signed with WWE, for a lower pay; some stating that he was AEW-bound and many saying that he would be premiering over at Impact Wrestling. The ROH rumors are out, seeing that the promotion released its entire roster for a revamp of sorts, but the sky’s certainly the limit, as they say.

Whoever signs the talented wrestler is exceptionally good at keeping secrets. The only telling thing here is that Callosum Studios have had a close working relationship with WWE and they have worked on many of their costumes and make-up over the years, as can be seen on their website. If Callosum is willing to work with another promotion is not clear at this time. The other tell-tale feature is the WWE still present in his Twitter handle.

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