Impact Wrestling taped for television on Monday evening and Moose made his debut as the new Impact Champion. One fan decided to hurl a racial slur at the champ, and everyone heard it.

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The current Impact World Champion Moose was cutting an in-ring promo where he stated that he wants to send a message to everyone in the locker room who wants to challenge him for the title. As he was finished saying the line, a racist person in the crowd yelled the N-word at the champion.

The identity of the person in attendance is not known yet, but hopefully it comes out soon and Impact Wrestling bans them from ever attending their shows. What happened was terrible and the person should face consequences for such an act.

Impact Wrestling will definitely bleep out this racial slur, because they have time before show airs. That doesn’t excuse the use of that terrible word at all.

The offensive remark was caught on camera by someone in the audience. It can be viewed at the 00:23 timestamp in the clip of Moose’s in-ring promo that’s embedded below.

CONTENT WARNING: The video below contains terrible racist language.

Rayan Sayyed

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