For many fans, CM Punk’s debut at AEW Rampage: The First Dance is one of the greatest moments in the company’s history and it is hard to argue why. To add to that, his debut might even make it to Guinness World Records. Now it seems Jim Cornette doesn’t think CM Punk’s matches have as much value now.

CM Punk left WWE after the Royal Rumble in 2014 after being frustrated with the company, leading him to walk out on it. Punk had made it clear that he never wanted to go back to pro wrestling but ultimately changed his mind.

For many years fans wondered if he will ever go back to WWE, but it seems CM Punk had absolutely no intention of ever doing so as it was never on the table. Samoa Joe always knew CM Punk was going to make his pro wrestling return as well.

While speaking on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette talked about CM Punk wrestling against lesser-known and not high profile stars. Cornette stated that AEW has devalued the idea of CM punk wrestling because of that.


“It was 20th of August when this program brought CM Punk back to pro wrestling after seven years and scored somewhere around 1.1-1.2 million viewers so it can happen. It is a valuable piece of television real estate, you can use it for good. We aren’t aware what the ratings were last night yet, but the ratings of Rampage have been dropping. So, the ratings have been going down on Rampage since Punk’s debut. Now we expected that there would naturally be some drop because you have this once in a lifetime event, it’s not possible every week.

But now we have gone essentially half, last week was half. So basically, in two months they fell back to half of what Punk return show did and that has been with Punk wrestling. They were in a situation where one of the biggest stars in wrestling had not entered a ring in seven years and people were confused if they will ever see him again and suddenly they get a big number.

And after that, they want to see CM Punk wrestle Darby Allin; but since then, we have gone to Daniel Garcia, fine young man. Then Matt Sydal, fine young man, who is next week? The lead singer of the Fine Young Cannibals? They hve devalued the idea of watching CM Punk wrestling on television by making it too commonplace again people that, let’s face it, everyone knows CM Punk is gonna beat Daniel Garcia, everyone knows CM Punk is going to beat Matt Sydal,” 

Punk also previously mentioned how he wants to face off against Kazuchika Okada. We will have to wait and see if CM Punk will have a proper feud against one of the top stars in AEW soon or not.

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