AEW Saturday Night Dynamite featured a first-round tournament match in the AEW Eliminator tournament match between Eddie Kingston and Lance Archer. The match started off well for Archer, but it didn’t end that way.

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The match started with Archer running roughshod. He brawled with Kingston around the ring and then the Murderhawk Monster plucked a “fan” out of the crowd and chokeslammed him onto Kingston from the apron. The contest carried on and then one devastating botch ended things early.

Lance Archer climbed to the top rope and he went for a moonsault. Sadly, Archer didn’t get the rotation he needed and he landed directly on the top of his head. Things were awkward for a moment as Doc Samson checked on Archer.


After speaking with AEW’s ringside doctor for a minute, Archer rolled back in the ring where Eddie Kingston promptly won with a roll-up pin.

Archer was able to walk out of the ring on his own following the match.

We are uncertain of Lance Archer’s condition at this time. After his loss, Archer remained on the mat and he could be seen moving his fingers as Doc Samson spoke to him. We’re hoping for the best and will get an update out as soon as any information is made available.

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H Jenkins

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