Impact Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 10:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Josh Alexander
  • Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mickie James
  • Impact X Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin vs. El Phantasmo
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. FinJuice vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Hikuleo)
  • Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok and Rosemary) (c) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay)
  • Call Your Shot Gauntlet MatchWinner Receives A Contract For A Title Shot Of Their Choosing: Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers vs. Moose vs. W. Morrissey vs. Chris Sabin vs. 15 TBA Entrants
  • Heath and TBA vs. Violent By Design

An emotion video package opens the show looking at Josh Alexander’s road to the World Championship match.

Matt Striker introduces us to the show and the light cut out. The IInspiration’s music hits and Harley Cameron does a live performance of their music as they make their way to the ring.


Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee introduce themselves. They are here to inspire you. We are the IInspiration, they do the same pose they did in WWE. The lights cut out again and the champions, the Decay, make their way to the ring. The IInspiration look freaked out by the Decay.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Havok and Rosemary) (c) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay)

Rosemary and McKay start, “Decay” chants, lock up, quick tag to Lee, IInspiration pose. Rosemary pulls Lee’s hair, Rosemary with a falling slam, cover, 2 count. Havoc tags in, double strike to Lee. McKay tags in, she fixes her hair, kick to Havoc to little effect. McKay tries to whip Havoc but she doesn’t move. Rosemary tags in, plash in the corner. Rosemary bites McKay’s face. Rosemary with the Upside Down.

Lee distracts Rosemary and McKay pushes her off the apron. Lee with strikes to Rosemary, suplex into a cover, 2 count .IInspiration with double team kicks, cover, 2 count. Rosemary with a jawbreaker, double hairmare, Rosemary got the worst of it. Havoc tags in, clothesline to Lee, McKay goes for a crossbody but Havoc doesn’t move. Havoc with a double splash in the corner. Havoc covers, 2 count. Lee throws Havoc out of the ring, clothesline to Rosemary. McKay tags in, clothesline to Rosemary, splash in the corner, exploder suplex, Lee with a high back kick, bulldog into McKay’s knee, cover, 2 count.

Rosemary with a reverse DDT, tags in Havoc, backbreaker to Lee, Rosemary hits a spear, cover, McKay breaks the count. Havoc with a huge elbow strike to McKay. Havoc misses a legdrop, McKay hits a big boot, Havoc with a chokebomb, big right hand to Lee, Rosemary tags in. Lee fights off both of them, clothesline Rosemary out of the ring, roundhouse kick to Havoc, tag to McKay. IInspiration throw Havoc into the ringpost.

Rosemary knocks out Lee from behind. Lee tags in, big knee to Rosemary, McKay and Lee hit a neckbreaker/powerbomb on Rosemary cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Impact Knockout Tag Team Champions, the IInspiration!

Commentary runs down tonight’s card, Matt Striker has a terrible looking ponytail.

Purrazzo and Rehwoldt are interviewed backstage, Matt Rehwoldt is banned from ringside. Purrazzo says its so typical, Mickie gets everything she wants, whilst they get punished for bringing the fight to Mickie. She won the Knockout title alone. She isn’t star struck by Mickie James, and she will break both of her arms.

El Phantasmo is the first man out of the next match for the vacant X Division Championship. Steve Maclin is out next, followed by Trey Miguel.

Impact X Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin vs. El Phantasmo

Phantasmo thrown out of the ring, Maclin with a suplex to Miguel, Phantasmo with shots to Maclin, Phantasmo hits a dropkick. Miguel with huge kicks to Phantasmo, goes for a hurricanrana to Maclin, Maclin fights it off but Miguel hits him with a superkick, Maclin takes advantage of a Phantasmo distraction. Phantasmo and Maclin take turns chopping Miguel.

Phantasmo twists Maclin’s nipples… Seriously. Maclin doesn’t feel it and attacks Phantasmo. Miguel with a double suplex to both men and locks in a STF, Maclin breaks the submission, Miguel hits a German suplex on Maclin. Phantasmo with a crossbody, moonsault, cover, 2 count. Phantasmo hits a hurricanrana, a back rake, a handstand into another back rake.

Phantasmo with a double cutter to both men. Miguel fights off Phantasmo. with a back elbow, Maclin with a double DDT/End of Days. Maclin covers, 2 count. Maclin with stomps in the corner, Miguel reverse backdrop, Maclin hangs him up in the corner, Maclin with a double spear to both men, misses Miguel. Maclin spears Miguel out of the ring! Maclin spears Phantasmo out of the ring! Maclin with a flying hip attack out of the ring!

Maclin climbs to the top, Phantasmo with a kick to the back of the head and he falls to the outside, Phantasmo with a moonsault tot he outside onto Maclin. Phantasmo bounces off the ropes and hits a cutter. “This is Awesome” chants. Miguel misses a meteora, hits the Code Red, cover, 2 count. Maclin gets a rollup, 2 count. Maclin hits a fireman’s carry driver, cover, 2 count as Phantasmo breaks the count.

Maclin with strikes in the corner, Miguel boxes the ears of Maclin, Phantasmo rakes the back, Phantasmo with a sunset flip powerbomb to Maclin, hurricanrana to Miguel onto Maclin, Phantasmo with a splash onto Maclin, cover, 2 count. Maclin hits a uranagi, powerbomb, cover, 2 count. Maclin with elbows to Phantasmo, Maclin catches a meteora, Phantasmo with a superkick to Maclin, Miguel gets a cover on Phantasmo , 2 count.

Phantasmo goes for a low blow but Miguel is wearing a cup, Miguel with a flurry of kick to Phantasmo, he hits a brain buster, meteora from the top, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Impact X Division Champion, Trey Miguel!

Mickie James interviewed backstage, Mickie says Purrazzo is her toughest challenge to date. Deonna has made this personal, she last held the Knockouts title 8 years ago, in those 8 years she has doubted weather she still has it, this is about proving if she can still hold a championship again and it will be so much sweeter beating Purrazzo for that title.

Violent By Design make their entrance. Heath is out alone, his partner is… nobody. Heath walks down to the ring alone. Rhino doesn’t come out to be Heath partner. VBD attack Heath from behind.

Heath and TBA vs. Violent By Design

Heath beats down Deaner, big splash in the corner, strikes to Doering, Deaner with a big knee, running neckbreaker to Heath. Deaner with stomps to Heath, tag to Doering, Doering beats down Heath in the corner. Doering with a big bodyslam, cover, 2 count. Heath with a kick to Doering but Doering with a huge crossbody, cover, 2 count. Deaner misses a diving headbutt (Striker calls it a Pegasus Headbutt…) Heath with a clothesline, big kick to Deaner, throws Doering out of the ring, double clothesline, both men down.

Rhino’s music hits!!! What will he do? He walks slowly down to the ring… Will he tag in? He makes the tag! Rhino beats down Deaner, gore in the corner, clothesline to Deaner, Heath with a kick to Doering, Rhino with a belly to belly! Rhino hits to Gore on Deaner! Rhino covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Heath & Rhino!

Heath and Rhino hug as they celebrate the victory.

Recap of Awesome Kong’s Hall of Fame induction.

Recap of the Digital Media title match on the preshow. Jordynne Grace become the first ever Digital Media Champion. Grace is interviewed backstage, she says she is happy to have made history, the first ever triple crown champion, Rachel will win the Call your Shot Gauntlet tonight, Moose and W. Morrissey enter, Moose says only one of them will win the match, it wont be you.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet match is next, they go over the rules, it’s more of a Royal Rumble than a Gauntlet Match. The first entrant is Chris Sabin! Second entrant is Rocky Romero!

Call Your Shot Gauntlet MatchWinner Receives A Contract For A Title Shot Of Their Choosing: Rich Swann vs. Brian Myers vs. Moose vs. W. Morrissey vs. Chris Sabin vs. 15 TBA Entrants

Sabin and Romero lock up, Romero gets an armbar, armdrag, back and forth, double dropkicks, evenly matched so far. Sabin offer a handshake, Romero obliges. Romero with a kick to the gut, forearm, Sabin forearms back, chops back and forth, Romero with a thumb to the eye. Romero with clothesline in the corner.

The next entrant is… Mad Man Fulton!

Fulton with huge strikes to both men, Romero reverses a chokeslam, with a rear naked choke, Sabin and Romero double attack Fulton, trying to get him over the top rope.

The next entrant is… Rohit Raju!

Sabin and Romero double attack Raju, Raju sweeps the leg of Romero, suplex to Sabin, takes both men out. Fulton stares him down, Raju tries to make and alliance with Fulton.

The next entrant is… Tasha Steelz!

Raju tries to make an alliance with Steelz, it works! Raju, Steelz and Fulton beat Sabin and Romero down. Romero thrown out of the ring by Raju! Romero eliminated!

The next entrant is… Rachel Ellering!

Ellering with a big clothesline to Steelz, slingblade, neckbreaker. Ellering with a big kick to Fulton! All 5 entrants eliminate Fulton!

The next entrant is… Savanah Evans!

Evans and Steelz work together to beat down Ellering. Raju beats down Sabin in the corner.

The next entrant is… Johnny Swinger!

Rachel Ellering and Savannah Evans have been eliminated off screen. Swinger slowly makes his way into the ring, he tries to flirt with Steelz, Steelz beats him down. Steelz with chops in the corner,

The next entrant is… Melina!

Melina with forearms to Steelz, “Melina” chants, Swinger tries to flirt with Melina. Melina goes for a kick, he knocks her down, faceplanting Melina.

The next entrant is… The Demon! The Demon from WCW!?!

Swinger thinks its Kiss… Swinger tries to get an autograph from the Demon, The Demon signs it! Demon throws Swinger out of the ring. That was funny.

The next entrant is… Brian Myers!

Myer with a Flatliner to Sabin. Demon stares down Myers, Myers with a right hand, Myer rakes the eyes, shoulder tackle in the corner, Myers tries to eliminate the Demon but the Demon escapes.

The next entrant is… Matt Cardona!

Myer and Cardona brawl, strikes back and forth, Steelz with shots to Sabin, Demon and Cardona beat down Myers in the corner.

The next entrant is… Laredo Kid!

Raju beats down Kid as soon as he gets in Laredo Kid with a hurricanrana, huge DDT. Steelz is eliminated by Melina. Myers eliminates Melina!

The next entrant is… Sam Beale!

Beale and Myers work together to beat down Raju. Raju is almost eliminated by Myers and Beale. The Demon chokes Laredo Kid in the corner.

The next entrant is… Rich Swann!

Swann with a back kick to Beale, DDT, superkick to Myers, tries to elimiante Myers but Beale stops it. Beale eliminates Myers!

The next entrant is… Ace Austin!

Austin beats down Raju, Demon takes out Austin, Austin hits a superkick, Austin baits Demon to the ropes and Demon falls out of the ring getting eliminated! Swann with a cutter,

The next entrant is… Moose!

Moose with a huge lariat ,Sam Beale tries to attack but Moose powerbombs him over the top rope! Moose beats down Laredo Kid in the corner, Cardona tries to eliminate Raju in the corner.

The next entrant is… Eddie Edwards!

Edwards eliminates Laredo Kid, beats down Moose, diving through to ropes onto Moose. Moose powerbombs him into the apron! Swann and Cardona try to eliminate each other in the ropes.

The next entrant is… Alisha!

Moose cuts of Alisha on the ramp, Eddie Edwards and Alisha beat down Moose with Kendo Sticks! the Kendo sticks break on Moose’s back.

The last entrant is… W. Morrissey!

Morrissey slowly walked down to the ring. Eddie and Alisha attack with Kendo sticks but Morrissey just takes them, he picks up Alisha and throws her out fo the ring. Edwards beats down Morrissey with kendo Sticks. Morrissey hits a big boot on Edwards and eliminates him!

Moose and Morrissey are working together, Raju tries to join them, they both throw him out of the ring. Swann fight both men, but they quickly get the advantage. Sabin eliminates Austin. Fulton runs down and hits an End of Days on Sabin. Moose and Morrissey throw Sabin out of the ring.

Final Four, Moose, Morrissey, Swann, Cardona. Cardona hits Radio Silence, Swann with kicks to Morrissey, swan goes to eliminate Morrissey but he is just too big. Morrissey picks up Swann, Moose eliminates Morrissey and Swann!

Moose and Cardona are the final two. this now becomes a single match.

Moose with an uppercut in the corner. Moose misses a splash in the corner, Cardona, Moose with a huge big boot, Cardona hits a huge lariat! Cardona climbs to the top, misses Radio Silence, Moose hits a huge spear, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Moose!

Heath and Rhino are interviewed backstage. Rhino says Heath never gave up on him and Heath can tell his kids that Uncle Rhino is back!

Video package for the Impact Tag team title. The Bullet Club are the first team out. FinJuice are out next, followed by the Impact Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers!

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. FinJuice vs. Bullet Club (Chris Bey and Hikuleo)

Finlay and Bey start the match, lock up, Finlay gets an armbar, Bey with a hammerlock, Finlay with a side headlock, Bey gets a hurricanrana, duelling arm drags, headlock takeover, evenly matched so far. Bey with a shoulder to the gut, Finlay with a big dropkick, cover, 1 count. Juice tags in, rollup, 2 count. Finlay tags back in, axe handle to the arm, Finlay hits a backdrop, senton from Juice. Bey hits a jawbreaker. Hikuleo and Gallows tag in.

They both go for a too sweet, Hikuleo with a boot to the midsection, big right hands back and forth, evenly matched. Shoulder tackles, Gallows with an uppercut, Hikuleo drops Gallows with a right hand, Bey tags in, as does Finlay. Gallows with a knee to the gut. Anderson tags in.

Anderson with kicks to the mid section. Finley fight back with an uppercut, Hikuleo tags in, he takes out Finlay. hard whip from Hikuleo, he takes out Juice. Big splash in the corner to Finlay. Hikuleo with a stalling suplex, cover, 2 count as Juice breaks the count.

Bey tags in, boot in the corner, tags in Hikuleo, Hikuleo with a side suplex, cover, 2 count. Hikuleo gets a headlock. Finlay tries to fight out but Hikuleo is too powerful. Bey tags in, Juice tags in, clothesline in the corner, backdrop, shots to Anderson, knocks Gallows off the apron, Juice with a huge gutbuster to Bey, cover, 2 count. Bey escapes a suplex, hits a DDT, Finlay with a running boot, Hikuleo with a big boot, Gallows and Hikuleo with a double clothesline. All men are down.

Juice with a cannon ball in the corner, knocks Anderson of the apron, Finlay hits a superplex on Bey, Juice with a splash, Anderson with a blind tag, throws Juice out of the ring and steals the cover, and steals the win.

WINNER: “And Still” Impact Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers!

Video package for Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki is coming soon.

Christian Cage is interviewed, he sacrificed everything to build this company to what it is today, Cage says he isn’t ready to pass the torch yet, it burns his soul to be the world champion. Tonight isn’t you night, Josh. Its a good job you wear headgear as when my hand is raised, you wont have to hear the disappointment from you wife and child.

Video package for the Knockouts Championship match. Mickie James is out first. The Knockouts Champions Deonna Purrazzo is out next. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions. James with a dropkick before the bell. knocked James with a dropkick before the bell. out of the ring. James brawls with Purrazzo, whipping Purrazzo into the steel steps. They brawl up the ramp, right hands back and forth on the stage, Purrazzo pulls James by her hair back to the ring.

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mickie James

The bell finally rings, Purrazzo takes the advantage, whip into the corner, suplex to James, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo with a chop to the throat, stomps in the corner. James falls out of the ring as Purrazzo celebrates. Purrazzo stomps on James as she gets back in the ring. James tries to fight back but Purrazzo is too strong. Purrazzo whips James into the corner, James with a back elbow, James goes for a hurricanrana but Purrazzo catches it and hits a powerbomb! Purrazzo covers, 2 count.

James with a big right hand, Purrazzo with a knee to the gut, a double cross body downs both women. Right hands back and forth, James with a takeover, big knee strike, cover, 2 count. James hits the hurricanrana, flapjack, kip up, James climbs to the top, flying Thez press, cover, 2 count. Purrazzo with a huge pump kick, cover, 2 count. James escapes the Queens Gambit, hits the Mickie DDT, cover, 2 count. James is shocked, nobody has ever kicked out of that.

James beats down Purrazzo in the corner, Purrazzo fights out, clubbing blows to the back, James hits a back kick, Purrazzo gets an armbar! James gets to the ropes. James with a roundhouse kick, Purrazzo hits the Queens Gambit off the ropes! Purrazzo covers, James kicks out at 2! “This is Awesome” chants.

Purrazzo gets a chair, the ref takes it off her, Purrazzo drives James to the corner. James with clubbing blows to the back, biting Purrazzo, James goes for a Thez press but Purrazzo moves and she hits the ref. Purrazzo gets the chair, James hits a roundhouse kick to the chair into Purrazzo’s face! James covers, Purrazzo kicks out at 2!

James climbs to the top, Purrazzo with a right hand, goes for an armbar, breaks the hold at the count of 4. Purrazzo throws James off the ropes, mocks James, James hits the tornado DDT! Mickie cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Impact Knockouts Champion, Mickie James!

Mickie celebrates with her title.

Video package for the Impact World title match. Josh Alexander makes his entrance. The Champion, Christian Cage is out next. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions.

Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Josh Alexander

Lock up to start, Cage gets Alexander to the corner, Alexander pushes out. Cage with a go behind, gets Alexander to the mat, side headlock, Alexander escapes, evenly matched so far. Cage gets a front headlock, Alexander with a drop toe hold, Cage escapes. Cage with a slap, Alexander with a takedown, Cage hits a pendulum kick in the corner, Alexander knocks Cage off the turnbuckle and he goes crashing to the outside.

Alexander with chops on the outside, cover, 1 count. Alexander with a knee to the back, big backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Cage with right hands, Alexander with a shoulder tackle and a belly to belly. Cage backdrops Alexander out of the ring. Cage misses a baseball slide, Alexander gets an ankle lock, Cage reverses and sends Alexander head first into the barricade. Cage with stomps on Alexander, neckbreaker, cover, 2 count.

Cage with right hands, body shots in the corner, hard whip into the corner, cover, 2 count. Cage with hard chops in the corner, Alexander fights out and hits chops of his own. Alexander with strikes and uppercuts, Cage with a right hand, shoulder tackle in the corner, Alexander pushes out, hits a German suplex into the turnbuckle. Alexander with forearms, back body drop to Cage, back elbow and a big boot.

Cage gets Alexander to the corner, 10 shots in the turnbuckle, Alexander hits a powerbomb backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Cage hits a reverse DDT, cover, 2 count. Alexander picks the ankle but Cage escapes, right hand, Alexander falls on the second rope, Cage jumps over the rope and hits a right hand. Alexander catches a crossbody and hits a rolling hills, knees to the back of the head, cover, 2 count. Cage escapes a torture rake, hits a tornado DDT, cover, 2 count.

Cage goes for the Spear, Alexander with a rollup, cover, 2 count, into a Chaos Theory suplex! Alexander gets an armbar, into a crossface, Cage escapes, into an Ankle lock, Cage escapes again. Alexander gets a sharpshooter! Cage gets to the ropes. Alexander with a right hand in the turnbuckle, Cage fights out, Alexander hits a backdrop from the top rope, misses a moonsault, Cage hits a Spear, cover, 2 count!

Cage goes for the Killswitch, Alexander escapes, Cage catches Alexander on the ropes. Cage pushes Alexander off the top rope, hits a frog splash, cover, 2 count. Alexander with a big forearm, goes for the C4 but Cage escapes, Cage runs into the ring post, Alexander goes for the ankle lock, he gets the ankle lock! Cage goes for the ropes but Alexander pulls him back to the middle. Alexander stamps on Cage’s hand, Cage cant escape. Cage taps out!

WINNER: “And New” Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander!

Cage takes the title and puts it on Alexander shoulder. Cage hugs Alexander and leaves the ring. Alexander raises the World title and poses for the crowd. Striker is crying as he announces Alexander as the World Champion. Alexander’s family join him in the ring. “”You Deserve It” chants.

Moose is in the ring! He is cashing in his Gauntlet shot right now!

Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander vs. Moose

Moose hits a Spear on Alexander! Moose covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And New” Impact World Champion, Moose!

Moose celebrates with the title as Bound For Glory goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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