For pro wrestling fans that watched the WWE product long before Roman Reigns hoisted up his first title, Triple Threat matches were a very different animal and the landscape was much different in so many ways when the head of talent relations was good old JR, Jim Ross, himself. Apparently the wrestlers themselves wanted a change and Vince McMahon caved.

He spoke on the subject of Triple Threat matches and the way they used to be contested in WWE, on a recent episode of Grilling JR and he shed some light into just why they changed. He said:

“I never really liked the fact when I first started booking these Triple Threat matches, and I started them way back here — they were three-ways until there was one winner. So, you had to have two pin falls, two decisions, and the talents complained about that [to] the old man, Vince McMahon, not to me, and they changed the rule. And I didn’t like that, but that’s how it went…”

Triple Threat matches have been contested as we know them for quite some time, with only one pinfall, but before, that wasn’t at all the case. There needed to be two separate pinfalls before, essentially the match being more of an eliminator style match, very much like the Elimination Chamber, without the menacing cage, of course.

Since the change, we have had some epic triple threat matches. Truly good ones that come to mind are WrestleMania 20 between Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit, and who can forget Kurt Angle , Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton at WrestleMania 22?

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Domenic Marinelli

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