Disco Inferno is a controversial figure in pro wrestling. He also learned the hard way that several people aren’t too fond of him. Then Kenny Omega added a little something special in the end to really drive the message home.

Dave Meltzer replied to a fan about how a television show’s channel change affects a show’s ratings, like when SmackDown moved to FS1 for preemption. Then Disco Inferno threw in his two cents. He did not expect that the response to his tweet would find its way onto AEW World Champion Kenny Omega’s timeline.

“”People in advertising”. Sounds like solid sourcing,” Disco Inferno tweeted out to troll the Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer. This tweet was seen by a few people and they all had replies.

Bryan Alvarez then tweeted back at Disco and said, “Brother what are those Top 50 cable charts sorted by?” Lance Storm saw that tweet and added, “Dude, this is worse than responding to the people Dave does.”

Then the Invisible Hand himself saw Lance Storm’s tweet and he replied to his fellow Canadian to remark, “Glenn is a professional blithering idiot. Without the internet he’s the crazy guy on the corner ranting at pedestrians.”

Kenny Omega saw Callis’ tweet, because he probably has alerts set for them on his phone. He then added the cherry on top of this Disco Inferno burial by saying, “Don’t forget that he’s also a bitch.”

Glenn Gilbertti, aka Disco Inferno, has not replied to any of those responses as of this writing. Disco might not want to check his notifications for a while.

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