The build between Mustafa Ali and Mansoor has been building for quite some time on Raw. What started as a relationship of teacher and student turned sour quickly enough and at Crown Jewel, these two wrestlers certainly made history, as they were the first two Muslims to compete in a on-on-one match in WWE history at a pay-per-view.

Mustafa Ali stated as much on his Twitter today following the match at some point, and the outcry of support was overwhelming. As far as the match is concerned, it was a masterpiece, the entirety of the WWE Universe wondering why they’ve been kept from the limelight, as these two should have been having match after match after match.

This wasn’t the case, and as Ali stated on a recent episode of The Bump, he is probably WWE’s most underutilized talent for sure. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Ali started on the independent wrestling circuit in 2003, and has worked his way up in the industry. Ali is a former police officer.

Mansoor was actually discovered at a Crown Jewel event, he taking part in a WWE tryout. He hails from Saudi Arabia, specifically Riyadh, so the event today was particularly special for him. His tryout was in Jeddah, and it took place before the 2018 event, the Greatest Royal Rumble.


Today’s match was special for both these men, as Ali said, because both are Muslim men and they broke boundaries by having their match today. As Ali alluded to, he has been underutilized since his start in the company, which was back in 2016, as has Mansoor. We hope the traction that this match received will change that moving forward and not just for Crown Jewel events in Saudi Arabia.

two Muslims competed in a singles match on a WWE PPV for the first time ever. the intention was simple; inspire the next generation.

The perfect tale of teacher vs. student took place today. The match was a testament to what both of these individuals are capable of…a clinic if you will. They also outperformed some of the long-time veterans on that card. Perhaps the only other match that had the edge was the match pitting Edge vs. Rollins.

Domenic Marinelli

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